8×8 Bay Area Greats: Best Burger Joints

By Lia White, Arts Editor


    Let’s face it, everyone loves a good burger. Whether it’s smothered in cheese, dripping with sauce, chock full of hot, greasy bacon, or all of the above, burgers hold a special place in American hearts (and stomachs). Fortunately for the Lamorinda community, the Bay Area has plenty of burger restaurants that will surely satisfy all carnivorous cravings.


1548 Bonanza St, Walnut Creek

    This cute 50’s style diner is the perfect place for families and friends to sit down and enjoy a variety of options ranging from the classic HubCap burger to the Barbeque Chicken burger. They also offer fish, veggie, and turkey burgers as well as a lettuce wrap to replace buns. The atmosphere is friendly and cozy, and the aesthetics give the restaurant a vintage vibe. Located in the center of Walnut Creek, Hubcaps is the perfect place to drop in for lunch after a morning of shopping. Whether looking for a classic American burger or something a little more exotic, Hubcaps is sure to charm anyone who enters.

Five Guys

100 Crescent Drive, Suite 7A, Pleasant Hill

   Five Guys, with its prime location next to the Pleasant Hill movie theater, is a great place to satisfy cravings for classic All-American style burgers. The patties, all freshly made, are nice and juicy, and customers can enjoy free peanuts during waiting time. Although the burger variety is limited to regular, cheese, bacon, and bacon cheeseburger, they can be ordered in two different sizes. However it may be considered a bit pricey for fairly basic burgers. Nevertheless, Five Guys is highly recommended for anyone looking for a good burger and a good time.


 23 Lafayette Cir, Lafayette

   For those in search of gourmet burgers, look no further than Roam Artisan Burgers, located conveniently in downtown Lafayette. The restaurant has crafted some of the best burgers that our community has ever seen, from the typical burger to more exotic flavors including caramelized onions, applewood smoked bacon and jalapeno relish. Roam also offers a lettuce wrap and gluten free bun options, as well as a veggie meat choice for those with dietary restrictions. Other positives include their grass-fed and all-natural meat, as well as killer fries and a comfortable, homey atmosphere. Even though the burgers tend to be on the expensive side, the array of options, as well as a “Create Your Own” feature, is sure to delight any customer.

 The Habit

 1255 S. California Blvd, Walnut Creek

    After first opening up by the Walnut Creek movie theater, the Habit found immediate success and has opened up a second restaurant by the Sprouts Farmers Market. Although being in a relatively new complex often causes parking problems for customers, the friendly staff and environment make it an ideal place for families. They serve generous portions and even include a double patty option, as well as a lettuce wrap “bun” upon request. The variety isn’t as diverse as other places, but it has a little bit of everything to satisfy customers. Because of their delectable burgers, seating can be a bit short at times, but the fast service tends to make up for any seating inconvenience. The easily affordable and delicious burgers are a definite must-eat for anyone in the community.

 The Counter

 1699 N California Blvd, Walnut Creek

    The Counter has been a community favorite since the day it opened its doors in 2003. Their endless variety of options in their “Custom Burger Maker” makes it easy for customers to create their dream burger or order pre-determined combos. Clipboards are provided for customers to check off his or her preferences on meat, bun, cheese, and other toppings. Although adding extra toppings can add up quickly in terms of cost, the stellar fries and vegan options make up for any high prices. The Counter’s multitude of options and high food quality makes it the perfect place to enjoy a perfect burger.


 570 Contra Costa Blvd, Pleasant Hill

    In-N-Out has easily become California’s favorite fast food restaurant. The quick and consistent service is always a plus, and there is always a drive through feature that allows for an even speedier pick up. Even though there isn’t a huge variety of burgers, the secret menu allows for the customer to mix it up. This menu includes double, triple, and even quadruple patty action, as well as a grilled cheese sandwich, a lettuce wrap option, and the “Animal Style” burger. Unfortunately, due to the popularity of In-N-Out, the wait in line can lead to an “In-and-stay-a-while” experience, but the fresh fries and simplicity makes this classic restaurant an all-time favorite.

 Nation’s Giant Hamburgers

 76 Moraga Way, Orinda, CA, 94563

    Nations has been known as a local Orinda hotspot, and with their big burgers and unforgettable pies, it’s likely to keep that reputation for a while. The options are fairly standard, with grilled chicken, wild salmon, meatless, and chili burgers thrown in for flare. The wait can be a bit long, but the low prices and quality burgers make up for any faults. Nations is recommended for anyone with a hankering for great local burgers.

Friday Night Football Burgers at Acalanes

1200 Pleasant Hill Rd., Lafayette, CA 94549

   Although crowds of students regularly flock to Friday night football games to cheer on the Dons, a lesser number are likely aware of the delicious food options that are available to accompany the game. Classic burgers are served fresh off the grill, courtesy of Acalanes parents. In addition to great eats, students and parents also get the experience of watching the Acalanes football team play their hearts out on the field. Each week, the money goes to a different class’ slush fund to support events like the senior breakfast, or prom. The friendly service, as well as a one-of-a-kind experience, makes this limited time offer even more special.

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