Women’s Soccer Continues Undefeated Season

By Tommy Fellner, Online Sports Editor


   The Acalanes Women’s Soccer team (10-0, 4-0 DFAL) defeated the Miramonte Lady Matadors 5-3 in what turned out to be a very high scoring league match.

   Both teams are known and pride themselves on their defense, each with star goalkeepers, senior Maritza Grillo for the Lady Matadors and freshman Sophia Giordano for the Lady Dons. However, in this match, the teams let their offenses come to the forefront.

   Miramonte came out quick a netted a goal within 120 seconds. It shocked but didn’t intimidate the Lady Dons. They quickly went to work and sophomore Allison Merrill found the back of the net to even the scoring. Acalanes wasn’t content on just being tied with their crosstown rival, they wanted to bury them. Senior Katharine Torchio scored off of a corner play and headed the ball past Miramonte’s swarming defense to give Acalanes the lead. Sophomore Katharine Larson got past the defense and put the ball away for the Lady Dons one more time before the end of the half.

   Up 3-1, Acalanes felt fairly confident that this match was in the bag, as it is hard to come by a team that will put up more than three goals in a game. However, Miramonte felt this game was all but finished.

   Just like the first, Miramonte opened up the second half with a quick goal. The Lady Dons felt some pressure but still retained control of the game. Nevertheless, Miramonte scored again, to tie it up 3-3. It was their second goal within 10 minutes. Now the Lady Dons found themselves back in a very close and heated game.

   Again, just like she has done all season, senior Katharine Torchio came up with a clutch play. Torchio drew a foul inside the box that resulted in a penalty kick. Sophomore Caroline Clark fired it past Grillo to give the Lady Dons the lead once more. The game continued to go back and forth until, yet again, with two minutes left, Torchio was up on a breakaway and drove the ball into the back of the net while simultaneously driving the nail into the coffin for Miramonte.

   The Lady Dons extended their ten game win streak and preserved their undefeated record as well as their top place in the DFAL standings with the 5-3 win. It was a high scoring affair sparked by the outstanding play of Torchio.

   The Lady Dons’ next game is against Alhambra on Friday.

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