Dons Fall to Heritage After Tight Point-by-Point Battle

By Vanessa Van Pell

// The Acalanes football team faced a tough loss of 25-28 this Friday night.

  The team had a rough first half starting off with an invalid touchdown and completing the 2nd quarter with a 7-14 point deficit.

  Coming out of the locker room the guys had a new demeanor and began to close the gap, narrowing the score to a close 13-14. But after a missed field goal and another touchdown run by Heritage the Patriot’s lead jumped to 13-21.

  In the fourth quarter, the team started to hype up with adrenaline and came back 25-21 in the late fourth quarter. However, Heritage came in within the last seven minutes of the fourth quarter to score yet another touchdown, leaving the score at 25-28.

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