Womens Waterpolo Falls to Monte Vista

By Tommy Fellner//

The Acalanes Womens Waterpolo team fell to Monte Vista this past Friday by a score of 10-6.

The Lady Dons were fresh off a second place finish at a recent tournament so they had a bit of momentum and confidence as they faced the powerhouse Mustangs.

The Lady Dons came out ready to play and caught the Mustangs by surprise.

On their first offensive possession of the game, senior captain Emma Myall received a pass from junior Maddy Stewart and fired the ball at the cage and the goalie blocked it in to put the Lady Dons up 1-0.

On the next possession Myall then drove down to the 2 meter mark, received a pass from her fellow captain Hannah Kresnak and finished the shot with no interference.

Senior captain Lucy Fellner continued to stop Monte Vista’s shots and allowed for the Lady Dons to focus on scoring.

Myall then scored again, to complete a hat trick in the first quarter and put Acalanes up 3-0.

Monte Vista then scored from set on back to back possessions to make it 3-2 at the end of the first.

In the second quarter the Mustangs finally woke up and did not like losing to the Lady Dons.

Monte Vista scored their third consecutive goal to even the score.

Myall scored once again to put Acalanes up 4-3.

But Monte Vista responded with a lob shot that went right over Fellner, tying the score and sending the game to halftime.

In the third quarter Monte Vista changed up its defense to drop back on Kresnak and Myall while aggressively pressing the rest of the field players. This strategy worked and Acalanes had a tough time figuring out how to play against this defense as their passes kept getting stolen and led to counter attack opportunities.

Monte Vista scored three straight goals this way, including a rifling bar in shot to give themselves a 7-4 lead.

Myall ended Monte Vista’s run with her fifth goal of the game, still the lone scorer for Acalanes with Kresnak heavily defended.

But Monte Vista had no intention of letting Acalanes back into the game and scored again, making it 8-5 at the conclusion of the third quarter.

In the fourth Acalanes still had offensive struggles and Monte Vista capitalized on their mistakes.

Freshman Alex (Scrappy Doo) Fellner hit teammate Bella Wentzel with a nice cross pass for an easy goal, bringing the Lady Dons within two.

Monte Vista proceeded to put the nail in the coffin with another goal with only 2 minutes left.

The Mustangs controlled the rest of the game and won 10-6.

Acalanes next game is against DFAL rival Campolindo in Wednesday October 6th.

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