Travis Bell Announced as New Acalanes Principal

By Bennett Baker, Print Editor-in-Chief, Maddie McDonagh, Sierra Fang-Horvath, and Clara Kobashigawa

// Current Acalanes Associate Principal Travis Bell will assume the position of Principal of Acalanes High School, effective July 1. Bell was selected from a group of 25 potential candidates by a board consisting of Acalanes Departments Heads, District staff, and parents.

  The announcement was made on April 20 at the Acalanes Union High School District (AUHSD) Governing Board’s meeting.

  Choosing the new principal took about six to seven weeks, with over 45 people involved in the process, according to AUHSD Superintendent John Nickerson. After an initial review of all the applications, the selection was narrowed down to seven people, Bell among them.

  According to Nickerson, Bell was selected for multiple reasons.

  “[He] has the leadership style and character traits that fit what people were looking for and what we were looking for,” Nickerson said.  “We have a high degree of confidence that he will be successful.”

  Bell believes that his previous experience as a leadership teacher and associate principal has prepared him for upcoming job. He has many new ideas for Acalanes and is thrilled for the years to come.

  “I love this community and I’m excited to continue working with the staff and students at Acalanes,” Bell said. “We have such a supportive parent community and I really enjoy seeing the innovation taking place as well as the high caliber of teaching. It was a no brainer to apply to be able to serve in that capacity at such an amazing school.”

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