Acalanes Students Visit Stege Elementary For Field Day

By Clara Kobashigawa

//   About 25 Acalanes students piled into a bus on May 4 to go to Acalanes’s sister school, Stege Elementary, located in Richmond. The Acalanes Leadership Community Outreach Board planned the field day at the elementary school in which  Acalanes students set up games such as jump rope and played with the younger students.

  Sophomore Jenna Kisner had a great time interacting and playing with the young kids.

  “It was such a great experience and such a blast to get to know and play with such fun and cute kids,” said Kisner.

  The students were overjoyed when they saw the Acalanes volunteers. Leadership teacher Katherine Searing believes that the relationships that the volunteers build with the Stege students has a great impact on both parties.  

Searing said,“I think our relationship with [the students at Stege Elementary] is one of the more powerful things Community Outreach does. Those kids don’t that same opportunity on a daily basis and I think they really look forward to having the high school students visit.”

  Not only did the elementary students have a good time, but all of the Acalanes volunteers left with a smile on their faces.

  Junior Wesley Rosemont said, “Seeing how happy and thankful the kids were to see us there made me feel grateful because I know I’m making a difference in their life, but truly they make a difference in mine.”

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