Students Are Employed in a Variety of Different Jobs

By Maddie McDonagh, Copy Editor

//The bustling life of the Acalanes student is filled with a vast number of extracurricular activities, but a handful of dedicated students have part time jobs that add to their already hectic schedules. In fact, according to the Child Trends Data Bank, 18 percent of students enrolled in high school in the United States have jobs.

Student workers have various motivations for taking on part time jobs, including saving up for a car, making some extra spending money, or just for experience. Many students even turn their passions and hobbies into after school jobs. The following students all fall into these categories.


Andrew Blake

Acalanes senior Andrew Blake has been working as a golf ball range collector at the Rossmoor Golf Course for three years. Blake, an ardent golfer, has turned his passion into an after school job.

“I like to think of it as literally being a professional golf cart driver. I drive a big caged golf cart that picks up all the balls from the driving range” Blake said.

andrew blake courtesy

Senior Andrew Blake collects and shifts through golf balls while he works at the Rossmoor Golf Course. (Courtesy Photo/ Andrew Blake)

Blake enjoys several aspects of his job, especially his coworkers. Another one of Blake’s favorite parts of his job are the friendly golfers he encounters while working.

“The people I meet are super nice and they enjoy hanging out. I really like talking to them,” Blake said.


Blake admits that it is often hard to balance academics and work but he has learned to manage everything. He added that it is difficult to work on nights where he could be hanging out with friends or attending an Acalanes event.

“It’s a huge time commitment and you have to learn to manage academics, your social life, and your job,” Blake said.

While the job can be tough at times, there is one really fun and rewarding side of Blake’s part time job.

“Sometimes people ask me to race them in my golf cart,” Blake said. “I have had some pretty intense golf cart races.”


Belize Combs

Sophomore Belize Combs has been an ice skating instructor for children at Dublin Iceland for almost a year. She is part of a group of teens that help out at the rink with skating lessons.

“I ice skate there regularly individually and on a team, and the lessons were right after when I skate so it just made sense,” Combs said.

Combs enjoys getting to work with her friends and spending time teaching kids a sport that she loves. However, she also mentioned that her boss is sometimes disorganized which can make her job more difficult. However, juggling work and school is not an issue for Combs.

“I’m pretty good at managing my schoolwork and I’m always aware of whether I think I can get it finished or not,” Combs said.

One of the downsides of getting to work with children is often the complaining parents. According to Combs, there are some pretty interesting situations that arise because of kids’ parents.

“I’ve had times when parents threaten to sue us for not spending enough time with their one kid,” Combs said. “It can get intense.”


Max Motley

Acalanes senior Max Motley has been working at the Yogurt Shack in Downtown Lafayette for about three years. He got the job initially to save up for a car. However, he achieved his goal and decided to keep the job to pay for gas and other expenses such as clothes and concert tickets.

Motley enjoys many aspects of his job such as the flexible hours, but his favorite part of working at the Shack is his coworkers.

max motley dom (1).jpg

Senior Max Motley gives a Yogurt Shack customer her change. (Blueprint Photo Dominique Gillis)

“I really enjoy the people I work with,” Motley said. “They’re basically my second family.”

In addition to school, juggling the job and sports can also be tough. However, Motley manages to keep himself on track by switching shifts with his co-workers when he can.

According to Motley, it’s pretty interesting to watch the occasional customer that buys fifteen dollars worth of yogurt and eats it in one sitting. In addition to this Motley recalls another memorable moment.

“Once this drunk guy, completely schmacked, came into the Shack asking for walking directions to Paxtis,” Motley said. “So I hand drew him a map to get there and he tipped me twenty dollars.”


Malia Mudgett

Sophomore Malia Mudgett works at Diablo Rock Gym in Concord. Mudgett has been an avid rock climber for about four years and spends a lot of time at Diablo Rock Gym.

“I climb a lot. That’s my main sport. I ended up being at the gym so much they just gave me a job,” Mudgett said.

molly m courtesty

Sophomore Malia Mudgett assists one of her climbing students with his ropes and harness at the Diablo Rock Gym. (Courtesy Photo/Malia Mudgett)

Her duties consist of working behind the front desk, coaching, and belaying kids as they climb. Belaying refers to the holding of the ropes at the bottom of the wall, so if someone falls they do not get hurt. Mudgett has been working at the gym for a little under a year.

One of Mudgett’s favorite parts of her job is getting to work with kids and teaching them how to climb.

“I really like seeing kids who are trying climbing for the first time and seeing them fall in love with the sport,” Mudgett said.

However, while she loves working with children, she does not enjoy when the children act up and it is her responsibility to calm them down and manage them.

Managing work and school is also not a problem for Mudgett as she can schedule her shifts as she pleases.

“If I think school is going to be really rough one week, I just won’t sign up for any shifts,” Mudgett said.

Adapted from Issue 8, Volume 77. Originally printed May 27, 2016.

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