Controversial Political Poster Appears on Campus



A poster supporting a political candidate appears above the senior deck on Monday June 6, 2016. (Blueprint Photo/ Dominique Gillis)

By Annika Walker, Online Editor-in-Chief

//An unknown individual taped a poster up above the senior deck. The poster, advocating a specific political candidate, appeared Monday June 6th, 2016 above the senior deck. The candidate’s views are controversial and many people do not agree with his opinions.

The poster was put up above the senior deck and the end of year festivities postings, perhaps as a statement or as a prank of sorts. It was placed in a conspicuous area, easily visible from many parts of the deck, the hallways, and multiple classrooms.

It appeared to be intentionally taped up too high for anyone to easily remove. Students noticed other posters around campus with similar messages from the same political campaign.

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