The Scoop with Sam Stack 10/3

By Sam Stack, Print Editor-in-Chief

//This is The Scoop. I just want to say I love the game of football, where grown men literally go out and suffer life-threatening injuries all for the entertainment of Americans. What’s not to love about that?

  Before you start reading this I have to issue a warning, some of these takes might be too hard for you to handle and you may become overwhelmed. It is okay if you need to take a break while reading this. Reader discretion is advised.




Julio Jones might actually be a demigod.

  12 receptions, 300 yards, and a touchdown. What a statline. I can’t wait until SportsCenter compares it to statistics in other sports with some weird algorithm that determines its equivalent in other sports.

  Look, there’s being a good wide receiver and then there’s being a great wide receiver. The way you differentiate good from great is when said wide receiver averages more yards per catch than most cars average miles per gallon.

  I know he only had one catch last week, but like most NFL players who have a short memory from their concussions, I have a short memory too. Julio Jones is not from this planet.


I want to see Steve Smith Sr.’s birth certificate

  Donald Trump better stop asking for Obama’s birth certificate (is that joke even relevant anymore?) and start asking for Steve Smith Sr.’s. I swear Steve Smith was in the first Super Bowl. He’s out there beating guys that are half his age.

  At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if his son was playing in the NFL and the reason Steve Smith had Sr. on the back of his jersey was only so people didn’t get him and his son confused. That’s how old he is.

  Yet somehow after all his injuries he is still out there stiff arming guys to the ground. I’d be really happy if he screams out, “You’re grounded” or “No TV for a week,” when he does that. Get it? Because he’s old enough to be their dad. I’ll be here all week folks.


Pretty soon the Jaguars will be the Jacksonville/London Jaguars

  I’m about 77% sure the Jags have played a game in London the last three seasons. At this point they should just be in their name. And if the NFL wants to achieve their goal of always having an NFL game on TV they could really benefit from a team sort of in London.

  It’s a win-win. NFL fans get a game early in the morning and people in London get to learn what real football is.


Things to note


The MLB playoffs start Tuesday

  Just thought you should know, since virtually nothing on ESPN besides baseball tonight will talk about it.


Fantasy Busts

1)DeAndre Hopkins-This guy had one catch this week, I took him fifth overall but you know what? I’m parting ways with him and you should too. Cut him.

2)Rob Gronkowski-I’m not sure if he thought he was suspended the first four weeks of the season too but he’s done nothing. Cut him.

3)Jacoby Brissett-If you were starting him, I mean kudos to you, but Brady is back. Cut him.


And that’s The Scoop.


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