Club Offers New Forum for Lovers of the Performing Arts

By Fiona Burrows, Staff Writer

// Group ticket discounts, upcoming auditions, and cabaret performances are just some of the things that you can find at one of Acalanes’ new clubs.

   Theatre Club, affectionately known as the “Drama Llamas” to members, serves as an outlet for theatre loving Dons to talk about upcoming auditions, share about shows they’re performing in, and to hopefully use their creative talents to raise money for charities like Broadway Cares/ Equity Fights AIDS or the Calshakes Outreach Program.

   Officers Fiona Warburton, Riley Morris, Conrad Rocha, Michaela Sasner, who are juniors, and sophomore Gracie Guichard formed the club because of their collective interest in the theatre arts.

   “We know that there’s a large following and support of the performing arts at Acalanes but not really a format where everyone could come together and do so. We decided to make one for people because we know there’s a want and a desire for people to come together,” Morris said.

   The performing arts have always been community driven, so it’s important that students have a forum where they can express their talents and love for theatre. Without this community, theatre wouldn’t exist. Many schools don’t have drama programs at all, so providing another outlet for Acalanes students interested in the performing arts keeps students involved in something they love.

   “I think it’s really cool that there’s a drama club,” Drama teacher and advisor of the club Ed Meehan said, “There’s a group of students that are dedicated to drama and the performing arts and they wanted to connect to each other.”

   The Drama Llamas are open to all students, so people who like theatre but aren’t enrolled in drama classes or involved in the drama program at school can join in. Not everyone has the time to take an extra class or be in the plays, but all students are welcome to join Theatre Club.


Theatre Club officers Riley Morris, Fiona Warburton, Gracie Guichard, Michaela Sasner, and Conrad Rocha speak to the club. (Photo by Sarah Westergren, staff photog)

   One goal of the club is to meet together outside of schools and go see local shows, according to Sasner. Many places offer discounts to large groups, and Acalanes students may be able to see normally expensive shows for cheaper with the Theatre Club.

   The club is also hoping to use their talents for charity, but not in the standard bake sale way.

   “We’ve been talking about putting together a cabaret performance where anyone could sign up to sing a song from a musical or do a scene or a monologue,” Sasner said.

   “We were also talking about later in the year putting on a revue of a musical or a themed revue from different musicals,” Rocha said.

   A revue is a series of songs and scenes from a musical or musicals that are performed rather than just sung. Although ambitious for the first year of the club, the officers believe they could gain enough support to put on those kinds of performances for the school. And in this way, the club wouldn’t have to do an entire show or acquire rights and scripts, which would be expensive and difficult for a new club to do.

   Proceeds from the cabaret performances and the revue would go to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. Broadway Cares is one of the nation’s leading nonprofit AIDS fundraising organizations that’s main goal is to provide “lifesaving medications, health care, nutritious meals, counseling and emergency financial assistance” to people in need, according to their site.

   Students can come to Theatre Club every other Monday, where they can listen to some showtunes, get information on local auditions, and kick back with other likeminded people who can recite entire shows from memory or fight the urge to break into song everyday.

   “It’s just generally a fun thing to be a part of and meet people who have the same interest as you,” Morris said.

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