Dons Score Big with New Scoreboards

By Kiara Kunnes, Staff Writer

// Sports are a major part of high schools all across the nation and many schools take a significant amount of pride in their sports equipment. In touch with this pride, Acalanes High School, with the help of Acalanes Boosters was able to install five new scoreboards across campus.

One scoreboard was installed in the stadium, two in the gym, and two more on the softball and baseball field. Each of the scoreboards took about a day to install. The stadium scoreboard was the first to be installed on October 24 and by October 28 all of the scoreboards were up.



“It is a big upgrade for us. The old scoreboard I am sure had been there for years. This is a refreshing new look, which I think is great,” football varsity head coach Floyd Burnsed said.

The installation of the scoreboards came to a total of approximately $60,000 according the Acalanes Boosters president Richard Ney, and co-president Karen Plessing. Acalanes Boosters dedicated their annual ‘Fund In Need’ project to the new scoreboards.

‘Fund In Need’ is a specific project which Boosters announces at their annual Boosters Bash, a fundraising event. Throughout the year Acalanes Boosters, with the help of parents, and sometimes sponsors, works to accomplish the goal of that year’s project, according to Plessinger.

“The idea of getting new scoreboards versus the faded, dated, and not quite in the greatest working order was very popular. We were really lucky to get a bunch of money to go toward that,” Plessinger said.

Some current sponsors include Bay Alarm, Walnut Creek Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, and realtor Amy Price.

In past years Boosters refinished the gym floor and redid the weight room, all large projects. However, the installation of the new scoreboards has been the most expensive project so far.

“Scoreboards have been the biggest project to date, and we are hoping that there are other bigger ones out there as well,” Ney said.

Some new features were added to the scoreboards. All of the new scoreboards have LED, or light emitting diode technology making the scoreboards more energy efficient and lowering the maintenance costs.

“We’ve got nothing but positive feedback so far from parents. People had heard it was in the works, but didn’t believe it,”Plessinger said. In fact, from inception to completion the project took 16 months.

“It is thrilling to get them up in time for folks to come in and say, ‘Wow, not only did they raise the money, but they are reinvesting and our students are seeing the benefits. It is not students three years after our kids have graduated.”

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