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By Sam Stack, Editor-in-Chief

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  The 49ers-Bears might be the best worst game ever played.

I saw this game and initially thought, “Wow this is the absolute worst game to be played in the NFL this season.” So just like anyone who would want to be entertained, I watched it. And boy, it did not disappoint.

Both these teams were in a huge predicament. Do they win and not be the worst team in the league, or do they lose and have a better draft pick? For the first half, both teams were trying as hard as they could to lose. It was amazing.

I’m not kidding, neither team completed a pass until 7 minutes left in the second quarter. It’s like they didn’t want to score. Then the bears had a blocked punt that was returned to the 4 and got stripped on the kickoff, but in both cases the 49ers decided, “Wait we can’t score or else we’d have a worse draft pick.”

I mean Colin Kaepernick was literally sacked more times than amount of passing yards he had.

Then eventually the 49ers played worse than the Bears and lost.

   A College Football Playoff Referendum.

  With the playoff setup being controversial (it will, and continue to be controversial) I heard an idea that would actually be crazy and awesome.

Here’s how it will go: Each conference will have a tournament. Based on league record they will be seeded 1-10 or how ever many teams there are in the league. Then it will be like march madness, where the worst and best team play each other. Here’s the kick: it’s overtime rules and each team starts on a certain yard line based on their seeding. Then the winner of each league will be given consideration to the 4 team playoff based on how good their league was or their overall dominance.

All these tournaments could take place within two weekends and would be electric. Talk about ratings. It would be November madness. Ok that’s a horrible name but we’ll work on it.

Why does the media care so much about what Russell Westbrook thinks about Kevin Durant?

  So Russell Westbrook is just dominating the whole NBA. He’s making everyone look like absolute children. He just had his fifth straight Triple-double, the last time that happened was 1989. He’s also doing it without Kevin Durant.

He has some of the most insane numbers we’ve ever seen. So why do we continue to care what he thinks about Durant? He obviously loves that he’s gone. He can do whatever he wants. He actually has a Jordan Brand ad with a song called “Now I Do What I Want” in it.

As a pretty prominent journalist, I call the rest of my counterparts in the industry to stop asking Westbrook about Durant.

The extension of Jeff Fisher is the best move for the Rams

Look here’s what the Rams are about: mediocrity. They have been mediocre since the dawn of time and there’s no one else in the NFL who can really keep that going other than Fisher. Fisher knows how to stay middle of the pack.

For those of you who don’t know about Jeff Fisher let me tell you a little bit about him. The Rams were playing the Patriots this week so as a coach, Fisher made a game-plan. One guy Fisher said to watch out for was dynamic running back Danny Woodhead. There’s one little problem with that game-plan, Woodhead is out for the season. Oh, and Woodhead plays for the Chargers, actually he’s been on the Chargers since 2013. So Los Angeles, you’re in great hands.

Extending Fisher is a culture move for the Rams. There’s no way that the Rams could find a more mediocre guy. If you hire anyone else, it’ll would be a tough change for the Rams and they might find themselves way below or above average the next couple of years. Not good for them.

It’s also a Pro-NFL move. I’m convinced that every team in the NFL is bad except for two or three teams and two of those teams play each other in Super Bowl. So it really is just a league of mediocrity.

I call it the NFL talent gap, sort of synonymous to the income gap. Where the good is really good and then there’s this huge gap and then the rest of the league. Obviously, the NFL isn’t a socialist institution so this move is good for the NFL as it won’t decrease the talent gap.

My College Football Playoff

1 seed-Clemson

2 seed-Penn State

3 seed-Ohio State

4 seed-Washington

But the title is given to Alabama, so it’s really just battling for second place. So congrats to Alabama. Roll Tide.


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