A Festive End to the Stressful College Application Period

By Sam Stack, Editor-in-Chief,

// For seniors at Acalanes, the first semester can be a stressful time. Many students are dealing with tough classes, sports, and of course, the grueling college admissions process. With all this happening, the College Counselor Ginger Jessop figured that a relaxing party celebrating the end of college applications would be a great antidote.


By Sam Stack

  On December 2 countless seniors gathered in the College and Career Center for a celebration. The party came two days after the UC application deadline, a date signifying that the majority of Acalanes seniors had finished their applications.

  “I was so impressed by the senior class and how hard they all worked. I wanted to do something to applaud them and all they did this year,” Jessop said.

  Students who went to the party could decorate cookies, watch Home Alone, take photos in a photo booth, or just simply relax. It was a great ending to a very strenuous time period.

  “All the seniors had been going through a super intense period of applying for college so why not take it back to elementary school and decorate some cookies,” Jessop said.

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