Symbol of Hatred Found in Parking Lot

 By Jonli Keshavarz, Staff Writer

// Junior Ethan Wellerstein found a swastika carved and  painted into a supporting pillar in the Acalanes parking lot while walking to a friend’s car after school on Wednesday, November 30. Wellerstein is a part of the Jewish community and this symbol on campus was deeply disturbing to him.

“I felt shocked that someone would put something like that, a symbol that represents so much fear and hatred” said Wellerstein.

The swastika is a symbol of the Nazi Party which committed massive crimes against humanity during the Holocaust.


Administrators were quickly notified and the symbol has been painted over.

“We looked over at one of the pillars and it looked like a rust stain at first, but we saw that it was a swastika,” Wellerstein said.

The police were not notified about this specific incident but the administration talked to the police about the general issues facing the back corner of the parking lot where vandalism has occurred before.

The administration is concerned with reaching out to the student body about solutions to such an incident. The administration believes this incident was an act committed out of ignorance rather than a fully hateful and malicious show of force.

“There was a similar incident four years ago,” Bell said. “Unfortunately, our cameras weren’t able to get anything  and we don’t have a lead on the timing of when this happened. It is the same response we have been dealing with post-election.

Students are the first and foremost priority on campus and we absolutely uphold the climate of cultural acceptance for all students.”

Junior Jake Kallick didn’t see the symbol as he parked in the morning on November 30 and Wellerstein was the first person to notice it.

The perpetrator is unknown.

“For students who violate this climate of acceptance, we continue to reaffirm to the student population that acceptance is the norm, and if you are not living up to the expectation, then there will be consequences for that,” Bell concluded.

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