CIF’s Possible Schedule Change may Impact Schools’ Calendars

By Clara Kobashigawa and Gareth Kwok, News Editor and Sport Editor

   There has been recent speculation that the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) may drastically push up their sports calendar, which would then prompt the conversation of moving up the school calendar.  However, for next year, the calendar has only been adjusted for a few days, according to Acalanes Union High School District (AUHSD) Associate Superintendent Amy McNamara. 

   “There’s a gradual move over the next three years until 18’-19’,” McNamara said. “For the first date of fall practice, which is usually around August 10, it will now move to August 6-7,” McNamara said.

    Though it is not official, there has been talk about having the calendar start in early August after the 18’-19’ school year.

    According to McNamara, the switch was prompted by a school survey that CIF conducted. It stated that a majority of districts start school in early August. Thus, by the end of the spring seasons, some of the schools are out of session.

   McNamara predicts that the schedule could be put into effect in the 19’-20’ school year. If the calendar  were to pass, this would mean that the fall season, which normally starts at the end of August, would start early August, the winter season would start at the end of October, and the spring season would begin at the end of January.

   Because the CIF is adding new championship events, these championships would take place roughly a week or two before this year’s current calendar, depending on the sport.

    McNamara believes that the process  of pushing up the school calendar to coincide with the sports calendar would be difficult because of the elementary/middle school districts becuase all of the schools would have to agree to switching their calendars, but it can be done.

   “It’s going to be tough to move,” McNamara said. “There’s four different districts that we have to work with to make sure that everybody’s willing to make that change. The partner districts are huge; we would not roll without all of them rolling.”

  If the school calendar moves up, there has been speculation that winter finals will be before winter break instead of in late January. Overall, students are thrilled with the possibility of having a homework free winter break.

   “I think that finals before winter break would be a wonderful idea. It would be less stressful and we wouldn’t have to study during our break,” sophomore Claire Maxwell said.

   Sophomore Avery Lyon agrees with Maxwell and is in favor of the possible change.

  “ I like the idea of having finals before winter because then it would be more relaxing over break instead of studying,” Lyon said.

   If the CIF calendar was to move up to early August, spring sports such as tennis may face a few challenges.

   “The rain is a big problem and I think that lots of matches would have to be made up, making the entire season a lot tougher to get through since our schedule would not be set,” sophomore and tennis Ryan Everly said.

  However, fall sports players such as football do not feel that the possible switch will create any difficulties. Varsity football coach Floyd Burnsed is in favor of switching the schedule and does not feel that it will affect his season.

   “We start our summer program right after school gets out so we’re working four days a week during the summer getting ready for the August 7 start date and our first game is August 25,” Burnsed said. “You’re going to put in the time in the summer no matter when the start date is because there are so many hours that you can do. It would still give you the same amount of time once school is out until the start of football.”

   Whether it affects a sport’s season or not, it looks as if the switch will reap many benefits.

   “Many people agree with the switch.  I believe sections are already starting to slowly look at moving their calendars for next school year in anticipation of this happening two years from now,” Brutlag said. “Overall I think it’s going to be well received and everyone’s on the same page on that.”

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