Leadership Inspires Sister School Students to Pursue Higher Education

By Charlie Keohane, Staff Writer

// A group of 18 Leadership students and junior varsity (JV) cheerleaders traded their pencils and books for microphones and pom-poms on October 11 when they travelled to Stege Elementary School in Richmond.

  Leadership’s Rallies and Community Outreach boards along with five JV cheerleaders left at 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday for a couple hours to visit Acalanes’ sister school. Stege is a school for transitional kindergartners through sixth graders.

 They performed two different rallies, one for kindergartners through second graders and then another for the third through sixth graders, to inspire them to pursue higher education. The primary reason for this is that Richmond has a lower higher school success rate than Lafayette.


Courtesy Aidan Mosley

 The presentations were an opportunity for the young Stege students to interact with high school students, gain exposure to a rally, and discuss college and career choices.

  “My hope is that, as a result of today’s rally, our students realize that they can achieve their dreams in the future,” Stege Elementary Principal Kim Moses said. “I also hope that they realize the role that school and learning play in achieving those dreams.”

 The Acalanes students came prepared with interactive games, videos, and cheer performances. They also led discussions with the students about learning.

 “A lot of it is just getting them to think what those next steps are” Leadership advisor Katherine Walton said. “Hearing high school kids talk about it is a lot different than hearing a teacher talk about it.”

   Acalanes has partnered with Stege many times over the years for events including field days and school supplies drives.

  “During each visit, there has been excitement, learning, and great fun for our students and I believe they can see that the Acalanes students are just as excited for the experience,” Moses said.

  Students believe the partnership between Stege and Acalanes is beneficial for both schools. In addition community service, the trip provided Acalanes students with experience mentoring younger students and listening to their stories.

 “It felt like I was really helping them and that they were helping me by listening,” Leadership sophomore Aidan Mosley said.

  Both schools are looking to further grow and develop their partnership after the successful visit.

 “The connection between Acalanes and Stege has been amazing to watch,” Moses said.

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