Project LPIE Showcases Acalanes Students’ Talent

Updated 05/18/18: You can now find LPIE winners at the bottom of this story.

By Jenna Evaristo, Business Manager

// Students gathered into the Community Hall at the Lafayette Library on May 11 as many of their talents were recognized and awarded in the fifth annual Project LPIE, organized and sponsored by the Lafayette Partners in Education.

  Submissions for each category which varied from arts to science were judged by professionals who then chose 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and honorable mention.

  “Project LPIE is such a great opportunity for the community to see how talented our students are in so many different categories,” school co-chair, Laura-Kate Rurka, said.

  Along with the awards, projects were displayed around the room including junior, Abby Lapporte’s 3-D Applied Design submission.

  “I did an agate project. I printed flowers, seaweed, and bird feathers on fabric and sewed them into a skirt, a shirt, and a dress,” Lapporte said. “I wanted to show the codependency of ecosystems on each other in a land, air, sea theme.”



By Jenna Evaristo

  Lapporte took home 2nd in 3-D Applied Design and honorable mention in 2-D Fine Art.

  Students were also given the opportunity to perform at the ceremony. Along with winning first place for vocal music and acting, senior, Michaela Sasner, sang “Another Life”.

  “I’ve been doing this since freshman year and every year it’s a really fun and interesting event because all the different kinds of talents that people at Acalanes have get to be showcased and I think that’s really exciting,” Sasner said.

  As this is the fifth year of Project LPIE, they hope to continue to showcase student students talents and skills.

  “I think it’s really important to get encouraged because that’s going to give you the drive to keep doing it and getting better,” Sasner said. “That support means everything and it’s great that we have a community like LPIE that supports us in that way. It’s so important to me and to all of my peers who participated.”

2018 Project LPIE Award Winners

2D Fine Art

1st Place – Katherine Heaton

2nd Place – Ariella Zulch

3rd Place – Juliette Benazra

Honorable Mention – Anna Cain

Honorable Mention – Melissa Nolan

Honorable Mention – Abby Lapporte

Honorable Mention – Claire Jenkins

Honorable Mention – Anastasia Leones

3D Applied Design

1st Place – Samuel Hendric

2nd Place – Abby Lapporte

3rd Place – Parker Erdmann

Honorable Mention – Billy Brown

3D Fine Art/Sculpture

1st Place – Morgan Heithcock

2nd Place – Ariella Zulch

3rd Place – Anna Mary Starr

3rd Place – Georgia Carpenter


1st Place – Michaela Sasner

2nd Place – Fiona Warburton

3rd Place – Joel Braunstein

Community Service

1st Place – Charlie Keohane

2nd Place – Anna Cain

3rd Place – Juliette Benazra

Computer Programming

1st Place – Zak Singh

2nd Place – Randy Ngo & Charlie Cooper

3rd Place – Parker Erdmann

Creative Writing

1st Place – Michela Yang

2nd Place – Ariella Zulch

3rd Place – Madison Payne

Digital Design

1st Place – Kahren Eloyan

2nd Place – Gabrielle Gainey

3rd Place – Maia Pecher

3rd Place – Ethan Del Rosario

Editorial Writing

1st Place – Kahren Eloyan

2nd Place – Thibault Vialle

3rd Place – Charlie Keohane


1st Place – Jonli Keshavarz & Zak Singh & Ryan Siu

2nd Place – Riley Noon

3rd Place – Randy Ngo


1st Place – Lisi Burciaga & Karen Rosenberg

2nd Place – Charlie Keohane

3rd Place – Karen Rosenberg


1st Place – Laura Garfein

2nd Place – Grace Sterner

3rd Place – Karl Erik Mills

3rd Place – Jordan Pratt

Honorable Mention – Lisa Erenstein

Science & Engineering

1st Place – Betty Hu & Philippine Chauvet & Randy Ngo

2nd Place – Kenneth Workman

3rd Place – Allie Fink


1st Place – Alex Young, Christian Hendric & Karen Rosenberg

2nd Place – Vivian Toni, Ben Cohen & Helen Kleinsmith

3rd Place – Max Thrasher, Anna Weier, Mikaela Truong & Kage Groszewski

Video Production

1st Place – Brian Ohleyer

2nd Place – Karl Erik Mills & Jack Lattin

3rd Place – Randy Ngo

Vocal Music

1st Place – Michaela Sasner

2nd Place – Alyssa Tsuyuki

3rd Place – Laren Ramlan

Instrumental Music

1st Place – Mikaela Truong

2nd Place – Maverick Fabela

3rd Place – SeoYoung Kim

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