Exclusive Blueprint Interview With Congressional Candidate John Fitzgerald

This Blueprint interview was conducted by Editors-in-Chief Lisi Burciaga and Karen Rosenberg. Fitzgerald requested that Blueprint run the entire interview to help ensure that his statements were in context and that no other news entities with who he spoke to would do so. Blueprint is unable to provide the full interview transcription in its entirety because the iPhone used had a malfunction wherein the recording time measure continued to run and the reporters failed to notice that the audio had flat lined. When the glitch was recognized the reporters found another phone, allowing them to proceed with the interview. Blueprint mentioned the recording failure to Fitzgerald at the time and the conversation that followed was reproduced in the following transcription. 

// Fitzgerald: We have a new history based on information that wasn’t even factual, so he talks about that. He also talks about the minutes approved that Jewish, very powerful, now he doesn’t say Jewish – he says Israel a lot. Now this is before Israel, Israel was founded in 1948, as you know, but there was a Balfour Declaration and they were talking about Israel as a state way before Israel became a state and a nation And this gentleman, Norman Dodd, who was the chief investigator of the race committee, also found out that they said they’re going to have – they being the powers that be through Congress, working with the bankers, said they’re going to have perpetual wars in America, you know, abroad I should say. America is going to be involved in starting in working with forces to have perpetual wars and the perpetual wars are going to start very shortly. Well, World War I broke out and then we had World War II, we had the Korean War, we’ve had number of wars before, over covert operations throughout this time period too, up until today. Well, this gets me into something else very quickly. When the events of 9/11 happened, there was a doctrine that was an ad that was literally they-they tried to enact it through through Bill Clinton and he said no to it in about 1997, I think it was when he said no to it, but it was called a PNAC doctrine, PNAC, which stands for Project for a New American Century. And PNAC was actually designed, devised by Jewish scientists. And Bill William Kristol is one of them. And Charles Krauthammer who just died recently and uh, they got Dick Cheney, they got Rumsfeld, Jed Bush, and as people in our government to actually try to get this pushed through. And at that point, as I said, Bill Clinton said no. Uh, and then in the doctrine, they called for a cataclysmic event, a cataclysmic event. You can read it, you can read it. It says it right in their own memoir, right in their own statement, to galvanize the American people to allow us to go in to the Middle East and Southeast Asia. And even mentioned North Korea, ironically, for regime changes. Isn’t that ironic? This is 1997 and they talk about wanting to go into the Middle East, Southeast Asia, in North Korea for regime changes to put in the people they want, to control Middle East, Southeast Asia, and even North Korea. And there was an article, it’s a famous article now and you can read it, it was in Haaretz newspaper in Israel, and it was written by a man who worked with Thomas Friedman who writes for the New York Times, who’s actually famous. And Thomas Friedman in the interview with this gentleman, literally says that the people who wrote the doctrine, approximately 25 people, were Jewish and most of them were actual dual citizens of Israel. And he said, if you took those, and this was 2003, he said if right before we attack,right before we went into, I believe it was right before we went into Iraq, he said if you took these 25 people and you put them on an island, there would never be an Iraq war or either war. That’s pretty powerful, that’s pretty remarkable. I say, don’t you? So he’s basically saying, listen, we’ve got a group of people who were in neo-conservatives that are primarily Jewish and they’re Jewish scientists. They’re not your average Jewish person who’s a good person. Everything else. These are people that work with the elitists in the bankers and everything else and they want to foment a war in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, in North Korea, and ironically everything they stopped talked about wanting to do was going to take account of cataclysmic event and bingo, 9/11 happens and then you find out on 9/11 that all these architects and engineers are saying that the buildings were bombed and all the information proves they were bombed. In a lot of them it’s military information now coming out, former military people are saying that they were bombed. The government was off with Mossad and the CIA to do so to start wars and to take over the Middle East to do regime changes.

Lisi: Okay. So in an elevator type pitch manner. What would you say is the top of your agenda or at the top of your agenda

Fitzgerald: To expose Israel’s control of our foreign policy and control of our Congress, and allow people to understand that we don’t just give 3.5 to 4.5 billion dollars to Israel every year. In direct aid, we give another 13 to 18 billion dollars a year to Israel that no one knows about. Congressional, leaders by the way, who have retired or have been forced out admit to this, it’s on record. You can read it, it’s on my website too. So they give them indirect aide, which is military parts and what have you, which is equal to $30,000 per man, woman, and child in America, that’s given to Israel every year, and they are starting wars, they’re fabricating stuff with all these different countries and vilify all these different countries on lies based on lies, and the American public needs to know that. So in an elevator type scene quietly, I will tell you that I would make sure that we stopped funding Israel.

Lisi: Thank you. So our last question is, as you put it, a lot of your viewpoints have a lot of backlash from some of your potential voters. So what would you say to the backlash? How would you respond to that?

Fitzgerald: I would say I, I’d ask people, as I said earlier, to be open-minded and understand that I am not a hate-filled, antisemitic, racist individual. I care deeply for everybody’s children, everybody’s family, and I want them to know that we can do a hell of a lot better than we’re doing with people that are honest like I am. You might not like what I have to say, but please don’t shoot the messenger; take a look at the information I’m speaking to, and ask yourselves why wasn’t mark DeSanuer debate me on this subject matter if I’m so outsidely wrong, and I’m so hate-filled. Let people see that hate. Let them see everything that he says I am.

  They’re not going to find that. They’re going to find that I’m a very caring, compassionate person. And I said, and I can articulate this stuff beautifully if I’m given that forum to do so. But people need to realize we’ve been duped and our kids are suffering and your generation, I want you two to know that your generation is suffering also because of these lies, and we can, we can actually galvanize and work to get rid of people who are basically skewing the message and potentially harming more people abroad or in our own country. You know, they’re using our kids as cannon fire and illegal wars and unconstitutional wars. By the way, I don’t know if you guys know this also, there are hate laws on the book in 18 countries now if you speak out against the Holocaust, think about it. The only historical issue in the world that you’d been questioned in 18 countries, they just put away a lady, she’s a historian in Germany. She’s 89 years old. Her name is Ursula Haverbeck. They put her in a maximum security prison. She never had a fine in her life, a ticket, anything. Because she came out and said, we’ve been lied to about the Holocaust and it’s not true what we’ve been told. She’s in jail for two and a half years. A friend of mine on Facebook who was a ranger for 30 years in Canada-by the way, these two women are pacifists, so am I, by the way, the majority of people who are espousing what I talk about are pacifists-they’re against wars there for people. They’re not racists either by any means. Their family members were all ethnic groups. It’s hilarious, but no one gets to know this stuff. We need to stop this nonsense where we put it under the guise, free speech has now become the new hate speech. They’re going after me. They’re mentioning me in this, it’s called the Anti-semitism Awareness Act, they’re mentioning my name to go after people like me to censor me for what I have to say. This is America. We’re supposed to have that First Amendment: our right to speak, our right to expression. But what kind of a country do we live in if we literally censor people and we suppress this information and put people in prison for it? I mean I think it’s outrageous that an old lady can go to prison because she’s actually questioning a historical issue. How could that be possible, and Mark DeSaulnier and he says he cares about freedom of speech, but he won’t speak to what they’re doing with his Anti-semitic Awareness Act, and then they just passed two laws. They just passed one in South Carolina and in Tennessee, where on school campuses if people go against, you know, they the divestment of Israel or speak out against Israel, t, they can be removed from the college. They passed! No one knows that for the most part. They started with South Carolina and Tennessee and they’re trying to actually broaden it to the entire all 50 states.

Karen: Okay. Well, that was actually all of our questions, unless you had any closing thoughts, comments, or concerns that you wanted to put in.

Fitzgerald: Well can you guys give me a personal question? I’m just curious about when you hear me speak, I mean, when you hear what I have to say, I know you don’t, for the most part, you’re very bright young women I know that, well it’s obvious you are and you’re also in journalism. I really hope that you two make it in journalism if that’s what you choose to do. But realize, let me just tell you one thing I want to tell you one last thing: I got a phone call, one of the interviews that I could’ve had, I told him I wouldn’t because they won’t give it to the entirety where it would be edited, but they were two women, they were producers in New York for NBC. These ladies were wonderful. They didn’t do an interview with me because they’re, you know, the people that were above them, whatever it’s a hierarchy obviously like everything we do, they wouldn’t allow it they said. But I told them all of this stuff that you and I are talking about right now, and at the end of the interview that we did just through the phone, I said, I want to ask you the same question I said, you ladies have heard me speak, you’ve heard me and you’ve gone to my website-they went to my website they saw a lot of the information that you guys have seen-and I said ‘what do you think of me after, after hearing all this stuff about me, all this bravado and hoopers, no one’s taken me up on my challenge for the $7,000. What do you think about me after talking to me?’ And you know what one woman said to me, they’re both on it was on a conference call, the one woman said right off the bat, it was the main producer, she said, ‘it’s obvious that you’re not the person that they’re saying you are,’ and I said, ‘would you put that on record?’ She said, ‘John, we can’t do that.’’ And then the other lady piped in and she said, ‘no, it’s sad. I think we both understand it’s sad to know what’s happened to you. We wish you the best of luck.’ And I said, ‘well, will you mention anything about this in your newspaper?’ And they both said no, surely they can’t do that. I never heard from them again. That’s it. But when you ladies hear me speaking, I mean please just say it like it is. I know the stuff when I’m talking about and Karen is it, Rosenberg, you said? Karen, I’m not against you or your family. I mean, this can bring me to tears, to be honest with you. You don’t know what my family goes through, and as I said I have people in my family who were Jewish, people that know me, friends of mine are Jewish. It breaks my heart to think that I’m being passed as this horrible person against the average Jewish person or any ethnic group because I’m not. You’re not and your family’s not and your neighbors and my neighbors and everything else, they’re not the people I’m talking about or speaking to. These people are the antithesis of all of us, and they don’t give a damn about Jewish people, black or whatever, they’ve used them throughout history. I mean in the slave trade-people don’t realize it on my website-it took professor Tony Martin, a man who was born in the West Indies, who experienced racism and knew all the history of racism, and when he came to the states and everything else, he goes to teach college, becomes a citizen-thirty years teaching, he comes out going to the Census Bureau, studying the Census Bureau, going through all the records for the universities throughout the world, takes out information extracted from the Jewish Almanac, Jewish mainstream news, all this information from Jewish sources showing, proving that 80 percent of the purveyors of the Holocaust for the slave ships were Jewish owned. And 75 confederate slave owners were Jewish. And he comes out, they persecute him, the ADL [Anti-Defamation League] goes out for him, the New York Times, Brunei Breath, every organization, the same organization that’s 30 years later coming after me. So please realize I’m not going after anybody who’s Jewish. I’m going after Jewish supremacists, communist Jews who are literally elitists, who don’t give a damn and use all of us as their bothered. That’s it.

Karen:  I just wanted to let you know that I’m actually not Jewish. My name just kind of is a false facade of that. Um, I actually don’t follow any religion currently, but I wanted to thank you for addressing that and being very polite about it.

Fitzgerald:  Oh, well thank you. And you know, I have a friend who’s actually its not Rosenberg, but it’s-he said, I thought he was Jewish because all this stuff is going on with me and he said, John, I’m actually not even Jewish, I’m German. And I was laughing because I have other friends who I didn’t know were Jewish and they’ve come on, they’re talking to me going, hey, you know, I’m Jewish. I’m like oh I didn’t know you were Jewish, they were born in Poland, everything else, and what have you. But it doesn’t matter, but it’s come down to the point where I’m even saying it to people like I’m trying not to offend you if you’re Jewish-I don’t want to offend anybody! I’m not here to offend people, I’m here to try to embrace people and understand that we’re all being used by people. And Mark DeSaulnier, he should debate me. Don’t you think? I mean it’s going to be off record. You don’t have to put on your tape, but don’t you think Mark DeSaulnier debate the person who is on the other side allegedly to bring out issues to will pay. If people want to vilify me, I’m man enough to take it, but at least give you the opportunity. What is he trying to hide is what I’m trying to get at? Why? Why would he allow that? That’s it. I don’t want to put you ladies on the spot, so don’t worry about it. Anyway, I appreciate the interview very much. And can I tell you something, you’re the only real interview that I have had because I’ve been completely blocked out by everybody because I tell em’ no, you got to make sure that it’s in its entirety, my entire interview so you don’t just take things out of context, and nobody, as I said in the beginning, in the interview would allow that to happen. What does that tell you?

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