District Wears Green in Light of Miramonte High School Tragedy

By Noah Glosson, Staff Writer

// Students and staff across the Acalanes Union High School District (AUHSD) wore green for Miramonte Support Day on Friday, Nov. 30. Throughout the week, Leadership posted “AHS 💚 MHS” signs all over campus, telling students to wear green in honor of the 16-year-old Miramonte High School student, Luca Gero, who tragically passed away last week in a house fire.

  Acalanes Associate Principal Andrea Powers tasked herself with coordinating the event across all four schools. She believed that green might unify the district as part of a greater support system for friends and family of the victim.

  “ Even though we are all separate schools, we are all one big community. Just because the student that passed went to Miramonte, doesn’t mean they aren’t still part of our school, part of our district, and a part of who we are; so I wanted to show Miramonte that we are with you,” Powers said.


By Blueprint Photographers

   With Powers at the forefront, Leadership students joined in on her effort to rally support, helping wherever they could.

  “We have made 400 green ribbons to pass out to students throughout the day, in addition to wearing green,” Leadership teacher Ashley Richman said. “We have also posted out on social media to spread the word.”

  Leadership created a “Dons love Mats” card for students to then sign. The card will be sent to the victim’s family to show that Acalanes is sending its thoughts and prayers to Miramonte. Campolindo and Miramonte High School students also wore green on Friday.

According to Miramonte sophomore Aia Zabetian, she and the school are grateful for the comradery between neighboring schools.

  “I think that the students at Miramonte really appreciate the support from each of the other schools,” Zabetian said. “It feels really good to have everyone come together, given this tragic circumstance.”


Courtesy Ashley Richman

  At lunch on Friday, students and staff gathered in between the campus’ two gyms for a picture to show their support. The photo was sent directly to the victim’s parents.

   Richman believes Miramonte Support Day was a huge success.

  “Just walking around campus, it was really a great turnout,” Richman said. “We got really good feedback about it, and many people wanted to do it.”

 You can find the “gofundme” page at https://www.gofundme.com/pigniczkygero-family?fbclid=IwAR0Upg7B6t5BqtuOqUR4LFMTuVydVypoZS7dLq5lGJayo8X_91mQF2YODgk. The site has raised 168,900 dollars for the Pigniczky-Gero family.

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