Valentine’s Day Singing Grams Make a Comeback at Acalanes

By Nicole Prozan, Staff Writer

// Valentine’s day singing grams are a coveted tradition at Acalanes. After a lapse in this tradition last year, singing grams are being re-instituted this Valentine’s day with the new option of a teacher opt-out.

  The singing grams are known to be a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day on campus.

  “I think valentine’s grams are a great way for couples or even just friends to show appreciation and love for each other. They’re fun to give and receive, and of course, we love singing to people and slightly embarrassing them all day!” Women’s Octet leader and junior Kara Mickas said.

  There are three student-led singing groups on campus: the Harmonix, the Women’s Octet, and the all-male Innuendos. Only the Women’s Octet and the Innuendos performed Valentine’s day singing grams because the Harmonix is a co-ed group.

  “Octet is an eight-person a cappella girls group and the innuendos are our men’s a cappella group,” Mickas said.

  Students who purchased singing grams, which sold for three dollars a song during lunch the week prior, were able to pick which group performed, as well as pick from a list of songs that the acapella groups prepared ahead of time.

  “Our Valentine’s day set consists of ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ and ‘Silly Love Songs’,” Innuendos co-leader and junior Blake Levinson said.

  The Innuendos and Women’s octet were hard at work in order to prepare for Valentine’s day.

  “Innuendos have done rehearsals Wednesdays and lunch, as well as some weekends in order to prepare,” Levinson said.

  Last year on Valentine’s, many excited students who are a part of on-campus singing groups arrived at school after spending weeks preparing to perform various love songs for Acalanes students. To the singers’ dismay, however, they were informed just a few minutes before school started that they would not be allowed to perform.

  “Some of the administration and teachers did not like that time is taken up by the singing, so they just completely vetoed Valentine’s grams. In turn, we basically worked really hard for nothing,” Innuendos co-leader and junior Alex Gilberd said.

  Levinson and Mickas believe that last year’s events and ultimate cancellation had an impact on the sales of the singing grams this year.

  “Many people considered buying and told us that ultimately decided not to because they were worried that the singing grams would be canceled again,” Mickas said.

  Due to last year’s events, a new teacher opt-out option has been introduced in order to minimize conflict over Valentine’s day grams.

  According to Levinson, only a few teachers made the choice to opt-out this year. Women’s Octet and Innuendos still visited many classrooms.

  “We visited every class that a student has purchased a gram for, except for a select few who have chosen to opt-out of the grams,” Levinson said.

  The Valentine’s days grams was a huge hit on campus, with 56 students purchasing performances.

  “The Valentine’s grams made Valentine’s Day at school so much more fun and interesting than a normal day. The people who performed did an amazing job, and it was very entertaining to watch them sing,” junior Kaylin Hiatt said.



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