Mock Trial Participants Win Big at Awards Ceremony

By Charlie Keohane, News Editor

// After a long successful season, several mock trial participants won individual awards in addition to their third place title at the County Office of Education board room in Pleasant Hill on Feb. 21. Check out Issue 5 Blueprint for full coverage on the mock trial’s season.

  Here is the list of individual award winners:

  Harrison Seymour- Judge’s Choice Honorable Mention, Outstanding Pretrial Attorney

  Irvin Chao- Outstanding Clerk

  Helena Pratt-Holmberg- Outstanding Prosecution Witness

  Zhangyang Zhou- Outstanding Prosecution Witness

  Beth Hamalian- Outstanding Defense Witness

  Jane Gundacker- Outstanding Prosecution Witness

  Nelson Rogers- Outstanding Pretrial Attorney

  Jamie Lattin- Outstanding Opening Statement, Best Direct Exam

  Megan Baginski- Best Direct Exam, Best Cross Exam

  Tori Wang- Best Cross Prosecution, Best Closing, Best Exam

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