Acalanes’ First-Ever March Madness Dance Ends in Success

By Alex Mould, Staff Writer

// Spring showers herald in the start of March, college basketball season, and the first annual March Madness dance.

  Students flocked to the Acalanes Big Gym on March 1 at 7:30 p.m. to experience a variety of new dance activities, special performances, and delicious food.

  “There were several fun activities at the dance such as a DJ, dance cubes, dancing, silent disco, along with a hot chocolate station, pizza and Kona Ice that were all free. We also had a special live performance from the rapper, DMAC,” Leadership Student Life board member Chloe Cervenka said.

Rapper DMAC, the performer of the night, is famous for his hit single, “Panoramic,” with more than 11,600,000 streams on the music platform, Spotify.

  The Student Life board has been working diligently since January to create this unique dance, taking inspiration from Campolindo High School, who held a March Madness dance previously.

  “Campo has a very successful March Madness dance that they put on every year and it would be a goal to have ours have the same excitement and anticipation built around it. Whether or not this actually becomes an annual event ultimately depends on next year’s Student Life board, and the administration,” Student Life Board Head Zoe Smith said.

  The Student Life board wanted a dance that seniors and freshmen alike could enjoy, as the underclassmen do not typically attend Prom in the spring. 

  “The inspiration for this was creating a new dance for the entire school, but also to give the underclassmen who don’t get to attend prom a chance to have another fun dance,” Cervenka said.

  Across the school, the dance seemed to please both freshmen and seniors.

  “I thought the dance was special because it had so many parts like the silent disco, DMAC, and the boxes and balloons. I think this event should become a yearly thing because it’s a fun way to end the basketball spirit week, and my friends and I had a lot of fun,” senior Alex Fellner said.

  Sophomore Derek Kotarba shared Fellner’s feelings about the dance and her hopes for its future.

  “It was a fun school event that should totally become a yearly thing. I feel the dance was really successful. For one, I had a good time, and also there weren’t any blatant complaints about the dance; it was an all-around good dance in my opinion,” Kotarba said.

  Although the dance was successful for those who attended, there was a significant shortage of students at the dance.

  “About 300 students attended this dance. We expected more people, but we’re more than happy with how everything went. Because it is a new dance this year, we didn’t expect as many people as Homecoming or the Welcome Back dance, ” Board Treasurer Riley Perlman said.

  Many board members agree the lack of attendance may be attributed to a previous scheduling conflict. 

  “We had originally scheduled the Winter Dance as a formal event with a Winter Wonderland theme. However, the day that was chosen was one of the days of Hanukkah,” board member Emma Fox said. “To make sure that every student would be able to enjoy our dance, we moved it to March, and we took on the March Madness theme. We are thrilled with how it turned out, though.”

  Students now look to the future with fingers crossed, hoping that the dance will be renewed next year and that the March Madness dance will become an Acalanes tradition.

  “The March Madness Dance really was ballin’ and should definitely become a yearly event. It gets people hyped about sports, and I think that a lot of people really enjoy the dances, so the more, the merrier,” freshman Franny Daughters said.


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