Q&A: Getting to Know the Characters of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella

By Stephanie Liu, Staff Writer

// Acalanes Performing Arts presents a production of everyone’s favorite classic fairytale, Cinderella. Disney fans should prepare for different vibes, different songs, and different personalities than the Disney version of Cinderella.

  Blueprint sat down with a couple characters to get to know them.

Cinderella (sophomore Evan Mirabella)

Blueprint: Could you introduce yourself, please?

Cinderella: Hi, I’m Cinderella.

Blueprint: Could you talk a bit about your relationship with your family?

Cinderella: Well, they’re my stepfamily, and I guess you could say they’re not very fond of me.

Blueprint: Did you go to the prince’s ball? How did you get there?

Cinderella: Oh, it was a wonderful night! You probably won’t believe me, but my Godmother…well. Let’s just say she’s very…talented.

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By Sarah Westergren

Blueprint: Could you elaborate on your relationship with your godmother?

Cinderella: She’s amazing. I love Christopher, but I don’t think I’ll love anyone as much as I love her.

Blueprint: What happened at the ball?

Cinderella: I met the other love of my life! All it took was one look and I was floored

Blueprint: Did you try on the glass slipper that prince brough around?

Cinderella: Yes, and it fit like a glove. I never thought glass could be so comfortable!

Prince (Junior Blake Levinson)

Blueprint: Could you please introduce yourself?

Prince: I am Prince Christopher Rupert Vwindemier Vlandamier Carl Alexander Francois Reginald Lancelot Herman Gregory James.

Blueprint: I hear there was a ball held in your honor. What was that about?

Prince: My mother has been very adamant in my affairs, arranging a ball for the entire kingdom. She very much wishes for me to find a wife. I am not particularly taken with the idea, however.

Blueprint: Did anything in particular happen at the ball?

Prince: At the ball I was dancing with many women that the footman was presenting to me. As I was dancing I looked up and I was completely taken with the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. I took her hand and the entire night we danced and conversed until she left in an instant at midnight.

Blueprint: How, if at all, did you find the mystery woman?

Prince: The next day I went in a feverish search for the mystery woman, searching the kingdom for the owner of the slipper she lost whilst running out of the palace. It fit no maiden, until I happened upon a maid who I found familiar. I put the slipper onto her foot and it fit perfectly. Her name is Cinderella.

Portia, Stepsister to Cinderella (Sophomore Katie Bettencourt)

Blueprint: Could you please introduce yourself?

Portia: Hi! I’m Portia. I was named after the intelligent, rich, beautiful, main character of Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. I am, of course, all of these things and that is why I was given this name and Joy wasn’t.

Blueprint: What’s your relationship with your mother?

Portia: My relationship with my mom is amazing. She always buys me the fluffiest dresses and sparkly jewelry. She’s such a kind soul.

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By Sarah Westergren

Blueprint: What about your sisters?

Portia: My sisters Joy and Inga both get on my nerves sometimes. Joy always tries to be the center of attention when that’s my job, so I call her out and then she gets mad and we get in a fight and so on. Inga doesn’t talk, she just kinda sits there, but, she does these expressions and movements to get her feelings across which can give me a good giggle. I love my sisters, but they can be real pests.

Blueprint: And what about your stepsister Cinderella?

Portia: Cinderella? Don’t even get me started on that girl. She isn’t even my real sister. She just wanders around the house. I’ll be sitting there drinking my tea and I’ll turn back to see the laundry not finished, floor unswept, dishes in the sink, and even the window wide open. She’s such a waste of space, that Cinderella.

Blueprint: Did you go to the ball held for the prince?

Portia: Of course I went! The ball was magnificent, and I danced with the prince for hours. He is such a good dancer. I think he really enjoyed himself. But then, some weird girl showed up and took him away, which completely ruined my night. Deep down, I know he wanted to keep dancing with me.

Blueprint: Were you interested in marrying the prince?

Portia: I was so, so interested in marrying the prince. He’s gorgeous. Everyone thinks so. He’s kind and sweet and he has money, which really isn’t important. It’s just a very small, large, simple, nice, necessary bonus.

Blueprint: What do you feel makes you more qualified than someone like Cinderella to marry the prince?

Portia: Well, look at me! I have the most beautiful, brightly colored dresses in the kingdom, not to mention the price tag on them. Cinderella wears rags. I am very proper–well, I fall every now and then, but everyone does! Cinderella’s always on the floor doing something. I don’t know how she would have gotten down there besides falling. So really, Cinderella’s not any better than I am. I am so qualified to marry the prince.
Blueprint: In order to find the mysterious lady from the ball, the prince went all around the kingdom and had girls try on a glass slipper. Did you try the slipper on?

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 2.42.47 PM.png

By Sarah Westergren

Portia: Yes, yes he did have everyone try on the slipper, including me! It fit wonderfully, considering it was my shoe, but I just got off balance and fell a little. For some reason that put the thought into everyone’s head that it “didn’t fit” or was “too small”. It angers me that they took the beautiful slipper away from me. It was my shoe, after all!

Joy, Stepsister to Cinderella (junior Mila Mathias)

Blueprint: Could you introduce yourself?

Joy: Uh-huh. I’m Joy. I hate my name but whatever.

Blueprint: What’s your relationship like with your family?

Joy: Mother can be strict, but I know she only wants the best for me and my sisters. Portia and Inga are really irritating, especially Portia. She thinks she is so smart. Even Inga could be a better lawyer than her, and she’s mute. Both of my sisters are better than Cinderella though. I do not understand how she can be so positive all the time. It disgusts me. Also, she acts like she knows more about the prince than I do when she didn’t even go to the ball! So arrogant.

Blueprint: Did you attend the prince’s ball?

Joy: Did I go to the ball? Of course, I went. I danced with the prince too, but he was incredibly boring and overrated. I was even glad when we stopped dancing.

Blueprint: Were you interested in marrying the prince?

Joy: Not really. He was not even that great. If he begged me to marry him, I guess I would.

Blueprint: Did you try on the glass slipper the prince brought around?

Joy: Yes, but my stupid sister Portia shrunk it. If it weren’t for her, the slipper would certainly have fit me. Not that it matters, it’s not like I care about the prince…

Tickets are still available for the Cinderella showing on March 8 and 9 at 7:30pm in the Acalanes Performing Arts Center. Tickets cost $16 for students and seniors and $18 for adults. For tickets, go to http://www.ahsperformingarts.org.


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