2019 Annual Talent Show Recap

By Zoe Edelman, Videographer

// Students showcased their gifts through the annual talent show on Wednesday, March 27 in the PAC from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Hosts included seniors Ed Collinson, Malika Haji and Aidan Kunji. Check out Blueprint‘s video below for a recap of the night’s performances. A complete schedule can be found as well.

Schedule of Events

Henry Plumb, Max Sinas, Jonathan Lee, Maverick Fabela, and Siena Marchiano singing “Unholy Water”

Cole Swensen singing “I Tried”

Kiara Rizutti and Ashley Wu dancing to “Black Flies”

Juliette Benazra singing “River”

Ruby Kohler dancing to “5 A.M.”

Stella Heo and Molly Ransdell singing a mash up

Tracina Bertolami and Molly Ransdell singing “Stranger”

Bad Rats singing “Mr. Brightside”

“Veronica Canklin and Allyndreth Smyth dancing to “Dalla Dalla”

James Cain playing piano

Blake Levinson singing “Those Magic Changes”

Brooke Westphal singing “You Mean the World to Me”

Brooks Broumand with “The Bag: A Short Animation”

Shimmy Cotter, James Cain, and Lauren Gibson singing “Sleeps the American Dream” by Shimmy Cotter

Free T-Shirts singing two original songs

Talent Show Video


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