Blueprint Wins Big in Local and National Competitions

By Lizzy Xie, Online News Editor

// Acalanes’ student-run newspaper, Blueprint, won first place for Overall Excellence in the county-wide Lesher Journalism Awards contest for the second year in a row in a ceremony on May 15.

  Blueprint editors Karen Rosenberg and Lisi Burciaga also received first place for “Best in-depth or Investigative Reporting” for a two-part series on sexual assault.

  Recently, Blueprint staffers also received nationwide acknowledgment in the Quill and Scroll contest sponsored by the University of Iowa, 14 awards in the California Press Women’s Association contest, and 6 awards in the Project LPIE contest.

 “This is an amazing tribute to the outstanding accomplishments of Blueprint,” Larry Freeman, Blueprint co-advisor said.

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By Anna Yiannikos

Quill and Scroll

Ethan Michon, Best Photography, Water Polo Cover

California Press Women’s Association

  • John Kalil, first place in State for best column, 2nd Place in Country for best column, Kalil’s Korner
  • John Kalil and Shreekar Pandey, second place in state for feature, Juul
  • Karen Rosenberg and Lisi Burciaga, second place in state for feature, Sexual Assault
  • Karen Rosenberg, third place editorial, March 14 walkout
  • Alex Mould, first place in state for sports story, Athlete in the Moment
  • BP Editorial Board, first place in state for best editorial, 1st place in the country, Parkland Survivors We Stand With You
  • Ryann Drue, honorable mention for video, Power Plant
  • Nicole Prozan, second place-opinion, Why Anti Semitism Led me to Stay Home From the Women’s March
  • Nicole Prozan, second place-opinion, An Alternative Attitude Towards Jewish Holidays
  • Jenna Evaristo, Sarah Westergren, Zoe Cate, Kiara Kunnes, second place-opinion, why you shouldn’t be afraid of the f-word
  • Claire Mueller, second place Review, “The Hate U Give”
  • Fin Soto, second place Graphics, Gender in Politics
  • Fin Soto, third place Graphics, SA infographic
  • Fin Soto, third place cartoon, Digital Controls the News
  • Charlotte Glass, second place-opinion, Kanye West: A Master Musician or Expert Politician?
  • Zoe Cate, second place Video, 50 years of Lafayette
  • Zoe Cate, honorable mention News Story, Interdistrict Transfers
  • Sarah Westergren, third place news, Shooting Threat Sparks Prompt Response from Administration
  • Sarah Westergren, third place video, College Apps in Review
  • Kiara Kunnes, second place in Sports, Profiles in Courage: Gavin Shipp
  • Ethan Walker, second place Graphics, Gender in Politics
  • Noah Glosson, second place Best News Video, The Recap Acalanes v. Northgate
  • Nelson Rogers, second place-opinion, The Greatest Danger to Ourselves is our own Ignorance



Kiara Kunnes and Charlie Keohane, second place Investigative Story, College Board

Karen Rosenberg and Lisi Burciaga, first place Investigative Story, Sexual Assault

Blueprint, first place, Best Newspaper Overall

Blueprint Online, third place, Best News Website

Anne Thiselton-Dyer, honorable mention opinion, use of the N-word in school

Nell Kessenich and Christine Mitroff, first place Best Page Design, Sexual Assault

Christine Mitroff, second place, Best Editorial Cartoon

Ethan Michon, Best Photography, Water Polo Cover


American Scholastic Press Association

First Place, Best News Magazine

Most Outstanding Supplement, Schools Under Siege


Project LPIE

Jamie Lattin, first place, Homework Policy

Kiara Kunnes and Charlie Keohane, second place, College Board

Nicole Prozan, third place, Women in Politics


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