Hot or Not? Movies to Watch Out for this Summer

By Ari Goodman, Staff Writer

// As summer approaches, the air is buzzing with the scheduled releases of an onslaught of new blockbusters in every genre, ranging from animation to horror. Acalanes’ shorter eight-week summer is even more of a reason for students not to waste time watching bad films and take advantage of the exciting options coming to theaters.

One of the most highly anticipated movies is Toy Story 4, a sequel that proves a franchise is only dead when Disney says it is. While Toy Story has a special place in my heart, this film’s plot makes it seem as though the franchise should have ended in its third installment. The plot follows Forky, a spork who magically comes to life after having googly eyes put on him and attempts to escape from his owner and captor, Bonnie.

It’s up to Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and the rest of the iconic cast to track him down and convince him that he is, in fact, a toy and not a spork. He goes through an existential crisis questioning whether he is indeed alive, a surprisingly mature and odd theme for a kids movie.

For Marvel fans, Tom Holland returns as Spider-Man in Spider-Man: Far From Home on July 2, following the success of his first solo movie Spider-Man: Homecoming, and his performances in recent Avenger films. In this installment, Peter Parker and his school go on a field trip to Europe, where Nick Fury tasks Peter with a secret mission. Nick Fury reveals that due to a dimensional rift, their Earth is just one in a multiverse.

While many underutilized foes along with an villainous Earth-destroyer drives the plot, this film additionally has a greater focus on Peter’s school life and interactions with his classmates. The movie also touches on a surprisingly mature theme: Peter’s connection to Iron Man, and the grief and devastation he experiences. Hopefully, the underlying themes will be able to overcome the generic plot that plagued the first installment and create a movie that feels much more than another simple superhero plot.

The wave of 80’s nostalgia that first started with the Netflix show Stranger Things and brought the franchises Halloween and It back to life has also helped revive the Chucky franchise. Child’s Play, to be released on June 21, will be the seventh installment overall. While the previous installments went straight to DVD, the new one boasts an original cast, higher production value, and a better directing team. The plot flaunts a modernized plot; no longer a doll possessed by a psychopath, Chucky is sold as an electronic doll device which can connect to a cloud network. For those looking to watch a modern take on a classic movie, this bloody film will entertain.

Quentin Tarantino fans can look forward to rushing the theater on July 26. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is Tarantino’s ninth movie, following his line of successful films. The movie follows the exploits of Rick Dalton, a fictionalized version of Burt Reynolds, and his longtime stunt double in a changing 1960s era Hollywood, but also connects to the infamous Manson Family murders. Tarantino’s appreciation of classic Hollywood comes full force here, with fictionalized versions of real people appearing throughout the trailer including Bruce Lee, Burt Reynolds, Steve Mcqueen, and Sam Wanamaker. The move also boasts an impressive star-studded cast with Leonardo Dicaprio as Rick Dalton, Brad Pitt as stunt double Cliff Boothe, and Margot Robbie as the beautiful Sharon Tate. Tarantino is well known for his eye for detail, and this movie is no exception. Even in the trailer, his attention to detail is enough to ensnare the viewer. The continuation of iconic soundtracks is emphasized by “Bring a Little Loving” by Los Bravos, and “Straight Shooter” by the Mamas and The Papas. The film utilizes classic Tarantino flick, gore, dialogue, heart and all to create an emotional and action packed story.

The beloved Disney film The Lion King will be making its way back to theatres this summer on July 19, but this time as a CGI live action reboot. The remake will be directed by Jon Favreau, who directed films like Iron Man, Elf, and The Jungle Book, all of which have received high critical praise. His experience with remaking beloved Disney classics bodes well for the future of this movie. It stars Donald Glover as Simba, Seth Rogen as Pumba, Chiwetel Ejiofor as Scar, with special vocal appearances stars like Beyonce and John Oliver. Hans Zimmer, one of the most influential movie conductors of all time, composes the music, and without a doubt, will be able to recreate the original vibe of the original music tracks. While many may complain about Disney’s constant remakes and reboots, I believe this digitally animated version edition of The Lion King will help capture the hearts of the younger audience and create a feeling akin to what those who saw the original felt.

So this summer, take your boredom to the cinema. These capturing films are sure to make a few hours of your break before school worth it.

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