Summer Jobs and Internships Taken on by Students at Acalanes

By Aysha Craig, Staff Writer

// Whether the goal is to take on a large responsibility or to try something new, jobs and internships are a popular way Acalanes students spend their time during the summer break.

   Senior Ishaan Sahn had an educational experience during his summer internship. Sahn worked at the Concord location of Catholic Charities, an organization that works with youth, children, and families to promote resilience, strengthen families, and pursue safety and justice, as an assistant in the legal immigration office. His main responsibilities were assisting with naturalization applications and work permit issues.

    “Having this internship was a great experience. I had a great time doing it. I met some new people and I got to get some more insight into the immigration process,” Sahn said. 

   Some students, including sophomore Taja Maycock, chose to take on a job over the summer rather than an internship. Maycock worked as a lifeguard at SunValley Pool in Lafayette. 

   “I thought that taking on a summer job would be a good learning experience. Lifeguarding was the first time that I had a boss and was in a work environment,” Maycock said. 

   Lifeguarding also provided Maycock with a steady source of income, unlike the inconsistent pay that came with doing chores around her house. 

   “I wanted to be able to experience what it is like working for money instead of just getting paid by my parents for doing the chores,” Maycock said.

    Along with providing an income for students, jobs can also help shape the path of students’ futures. Senior Samantha Swan worked for Planet Interactive, a creative staffing company specializing in strategic solutions for the Advertising, Creative & Digital Design sector, as an event planner and the job proved very informative for her.

   “I don’t know if my job affected the exact career choice that I want to have although having this job reaffirmed that in the future I would like to work in the service industry and that I want to work with kids,” Swan said.    

   Jobs also help students understand the intricacies that go into work that may seem mundane. For example, Swan said that she would go to big events like the county fair where a bouncy house would be set up. The difference now is that Swan knows exactly what it takes for someone to set that bouncy house up and how to take it down.

   “Experiencing what this job is like made me really grateful for all the people who have set up and taken down equipment at big events,” Swan said.

   According to Acalanes High School Guidance Counselor, Anne Schonauer, summer jobs and internships are a great experience for students. 

   “Every work experience forms a person’s decision about their next work experience and having a job or internship is a really great way for students to try out new things and meet more people to start building a network,” Schonauer said.



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