Campus Beautification Project at Acalanes

Lizzy Xie, Online News Editor

// Members of the Acalanes Parents Club (APC) and Acalanes students gathered on Sunday, Sep. 15, to beautify the Acalanes campus. Sixty-one parent and student volunteers showed up to participate in activities such as painting walls, power washing halls, and planting plants.

   The APC submitted their plans to the school and the district for approval before proceeding.

   The beautification efforts go in hand with the Acalanes’ tagline for the school year, “#DonsShowUP.” The project also allowed students to log volunteer hours for the President’s Volunteer Service Awards. 

   According to sophomore Sheridan Perlman who volunteered, the renovations are a great way to bring people together to make a difference at Acalanes. 

   “People take pride in their work and to see it all around the school is a really special feeling,” Perlman said. 

   Perlman painted the wall of the small gym with other volunteers. 

   “It took four hours, but we did it with smiles on our faces,” Perlman said. “I get a sense of pride every time I pass by it.”

   APC co-President Dawn Brightbill said the total cost of the project was approximately $1,500. Of this total cost, the plants and mulch were provided to Acalanes Parents Club by an Acalanes parent at cost. The school district covered the paint and APC took care of any additional materials.

   The beautification on campus is one of two efforts this year to improve the campus. The second clean up will take place next spring. 

   Associate Principal Mike Plant said that the efforts of the parents and students make the campus a more inviting place to be day to day. 

   “I think it’s wonderful and I couldn’t be happier,” Plant said. “Their efforts make me proud to be a Don.”


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