Honorary Captains Shine in the Spotlight During Homecoming Week

By Sophia Cooper, Staff Writer

  // Typically, the Acalanes homecoming week is centered around the football team and the competition between the grades, but this year the spotlight shifted elsewhere. Three seniors of the special education class were included in the homecoming rally and football game as honorary captains this past week. 


The Acalanes football captains walk onto the field alongside honorary captain, Adam Parlett             By Natalie Seiler

   These students, Alison Harriman, Adam Parlett, and Copter Hommala, were introduced to the school during the rally on Friday. They entered with the football captains followed by a brigade of flags and the cheer team. The crowd erupted into an explosion of cheering when they stepped onto the mat and their eyes lit up when they saw the support from their school.

   “I was really glad to see the three honorary captains having a good time on the floor and in their own jerseys.  Not everyone gets to experience that and I’m sure it will be a day they will never forget,” senior Rachel Dadiomov said. 

   Along with taking center stage at the rally, these students accompanied the football captains during the coin toss and the captains’ meeting of the football game that Friday night. They also shook hands with the players from the other team. 

   “I think it was a good way to include everyone from the school into being a part of the program,” senior football captain Michael O’Donnell said. 


                                     Senior Adam Parlett during the homecoming football game                                     By Natalie Seiler

   Rachel Dadiomov, board head of the rallies board for leadership, proposed this idea and worked with Ms. Walton, the leadership teacher, to take the steps to implement it. They contacted the football coach, members of the special education class, and football parents who helped to create customized jerseys for the three seniors. 

   This is just one example of Acalanes’ dedication to emphasizing the philosophy of inclusion on the campus. This year the motto of the school is “Dons Show Up” and that is exactly what the community did for Alison, Adam, and Copter this week. 

   “It was just an amazing experience and I know everybody appreciated it, the students, the staff, the parents, it was just a great experience for everybody,” special education teacher Ann Cifarelli said. 


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