A Season In Review-JV Women’s Volleyball

By Daniel Adri, Staff Writer

// With the season at its end, the junior varsity (JV) Women’s Volleyball team (10-4) has many things to look back on and be proud of.

   The Lady Dons had to win some tough matches over the course of the season in order to achieve their winning record. 

   On Sept. 21, the team finished first in a tournament at Sonoma Valley High School. The Lady Dons won all six of their matches, capping it off with a win over Albany in the championship match. To go along with the successful result, sophomore Emma Johnson was crowned MVP of the entire tournament.

   Another memorable matchup for the Lady Dons was against rival Miramonte on Oct. 3. The game remained close throughout and the players and crowd were buzzing. Even though they were not at their home court, the Lady Dons were very full of energy and passion, resulting in a decisive victory. . 

   Even with all their success, the Lady Dons had some uncertainties at the beginning of the season. The roster consisted of many girls who had not really gotten to play with one another.

   “It was difficult to learn how everyone likes to play so we had to practice harder in order to learn how to play well together,” sophomore Kira Wood said.

   For the duration of the season, the Lady Dons were able to create more team chemistry and a stronger bond. Having solid chemistry led to having more fun and often to greater success in matches. Sophomore Gianna Manzone believes that the team really benefited from the increase in team chemistry.

   “We did a lot of team bonding after practice like going out to eat, which was really fun. I think we were all really comfortable with each other which made it easier to play on the court,” she said.

   According to Wood, a key element to the Lady Dons success was their ability to remain positive through any circumstances.

    “Our team dynamic was crucial,” she said. “We were always really nice to each other and very encouraging.”

    With an excellent season, the Lady Dons will look to raise the bar next year but will not forget the memorable 2019 campaign.  

   “We all bonded really well and by the end of the season we all had inside jokes and had fun memories to look back on,” Manzone said. 

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