Blueprint’s Quarantine Watchlist

By Lizzy Xie, Online News Editor

//It is only day four of shelter in place, and many are feeling the boredom hit. To help combat this boredom, here’s a list of shows and movies you can watch to take your mind off things. Enjoy!

  • Pandemic (Netflix)
    • This show might hit a little close to home given what is happening in the world currently. Nevertheless, a great, informative show on how diseases spread and the people who combat them. 
  • You (Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Google Play, Vudu)
    • A seemingly sweet relationship between a bookstore manager and aspiring writer turns into something much more sinister. Perfect for a weekend (or weekday) binge. 
  • Trials of Gabriel Fernandez (Netflix)
    • This grisly true-crime TV show follows the tragic murder of Gabriel Fernandez and the trial that followed. The show is quite graphic, so viewer discretion is advised. 
  • Street Food (Netflix)
    • This Netflix original takes viewers around the world for a taste of street food. Surprisingly emotional and heartfelt. Make sure you have tissues and a snack nearby. 
  • The Office (Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime)
    • A classic. Everyone loves Michael Scott and all his shenanigans. A perfect watch for stressful times that are currently happening. Sit back. Relax. Bask in Dunder Mifflin’s chaos. 
  • Queer Eye (Netflix)
    • Another surprisingly emotional show. Follow the Fab Five as they give makeovers to those who really need it. Maybe you’ll learn a new recipe from Antony, style tip from Tan, or just laugh at Jonathan’s crazy antics. 
  • Secret Life of Pets One and Two (Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime)
    • While Secret Life of Pets One may not be on Netflix, the sequel certainly is. A light-hearted, hilarious watch, perfect for a quick break from online school.  
  • Cheer (Netflix)
    • Cheer follows the prestigious Navarro cheer team and their ups and downs as they prepare for the National Cheer Championships in Daytona, Florida. 
  • Gilmore Girls (Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime)
    • Another classic. Follow Lorelei and Rory Gilmore in their daily mother-daughter life consisting of coffee, coffee, and more coffee. This is a perfect show to watch with the whole family, as it has something for all generations. 
  • Buzzfeed Unsolved (YouTube, Hulu)
    • If you’re a fan of true crime or ghost stories, follow Shane and Ryan, the hilarious duo, as they investigate true crimes and ghost stories. Funny and suspenseful. Who wouldn’t love it?

Happy binging! Hopefully, these shows provide a much-needed distraction in the midst of all this chaos!

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