Quote of the Month

By Kayli Harley, Online Editor-in-Chief

// “Hope is the sun. It is light. It is passion. It is the fundamental force for life’s blossoming.” – Daisaku Ikeda

By Anne Thiselton-Dyer

Hope is the warmth that courses through our veins. It is the light that radiates within us and nurtures our dreams. It is what gently pushes us to realize that we can move forward towards a future that is no longer daunting but enticing.

  Hope is the bounce in our step. Hope is the clarity behind our eyes. Hope is both restless and calm. It makes us feel alive when all we used to feel was empty because that is what it does; it fills us till we overflow. 

   Sometimes we tell ourselves to resist its power because there is a fear that pulls us back towards ruin, telling us that hope is a lie. It is not. We tell ourselves that it will not last because we are terrified of losing it, we have gone through life without it, and we do not want to bear that emptiness again.  

   So hold it close to you, let it be the source of your growth, let it fight the numbness that crawls closer, and, most importantly, let it stay. It does not leave on its own; it leaves when you stop believing in it and when you convince yourself it was never going to stay. 

   Do not give into the illusion that hope will deceive you. If you need proof, watch the flowers growing inside you. It may be scary, it may make you uncomfortable, and you probably are not used to letting yourself look on the bright side; after all, we are taught that the dark side is the only side that truly matters. No matter your hesitance, give yourself the gift of hope and let it consume you. Imagine the life you could live if you choose to no longer shy away from the light.

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