Elections Reveal Class Officers for 2020-2021 School Year

By Catherine Lomond, Feature Editor

// During the annual election week held at the end of each school year, class officer candidates typically hang colorful posters in the halls, shower students with pins and stickers, and parade around trying to convince their peers to vote for them. However, because the Acalanes Union High School District shut down schools in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, candidates found new and creative ways to communicate their unique and individual campaigns to the Acalanes High School student body. 

   Although the school closure affected how candidates campaigned, the voting process remained the same, and students voted online between Wednesday, April 15, and Friday, April 17.

Here are the new class officers:

Class of 2023 Class Officers:

Sierra Lashinsky: Sophomore Class President

   Sophomore class President-elect Sierra Lashinsky aims to give her grade a voice on campus and connect the class of 2023 after the time lost from the school closure. 

   “I want to reunite and solidify our class together after this tough time that took away part of our school experience,” Lashinsky said. 

   Lashinsky also prioritizes improving communication between the class officers and the students. During her campaign, she also expressed that by working together during homecoming week, she believes her class could finish with a victory and leave their mark after the pandemic.

   “I am excited about this opportunity that we have to create a legacy coming out of the pandemic. Go Dons!” Lashinsky said. 

Sophie Mackay: Sophomore Class Vice President

   Sophie Mackay is excited to use this opportunity as the sophomore class Vice President to improve her class’ involvement and bring sophomores together with fun events such as homecoming week. She believes she can improve her class with her optimism and the help of her fellow class officers.

   “I’m so excited to have this opportunity to bring my skills and enthusiasm to the plate,” Mackay said. 

Ella Easley: Sophomore Class Treasurer 

   Sophomore class Treasurer-elect Ella Easley’s main goal for next year is to increase class inclusivity. Similar to Lashinsky, Easley wants to keep spirits high in her class following the school closure, and she hopes people will be excited about returning to school in the fall. 

   “COVID-19 has butchered the rest of our school year, so keeping my peers’ spirits high is important. I also want people to look forward to going back to school in the fall, ” Easley said. 

   Easley enjoys being a part of the Dons family and will continue to support the community by working to ensure that no one in her class feels alone. 

   “I don’t want anyone to have to go through the process of finding a friend group because we should all be one,” Easley said. 

Nate Dunn: Sophomore Class Secretary

   Sophomore class Secretary-elect Nate Dunn participated in Leadership this year and devoted ample time towards school events. Dunn plans on using his prior experience and communication skills while focusing on bonding his class to make the next school year fun and exciting.

   “One of my biggest goals next year is to help create more student unity in our class and also create bonds with other grades,” Dunn said.

Class of 2022 Class Officers:

Chloe Cervenka: Junior Class President 

  Next year’s junior class President Chloe Cervenka plans to make her class’ junior year as memorable as possible. As the elected president, she will plan prom and organize other junior class-bonding activities. 

   Cervenka advised her fellow classmates to vote for her because she has experience planning fun dances and class activities that can boost class unity. Using her insight from Leadership, she wants to do more as junior class President.

   “I want to make school a fun and positive place for everyone while bringing our grade together in the upcoming year, and with the opportunity to run for president, I can do just that,” Cervenka said.

Brooke Palma: Junior Class Vice President 

    After being the sophomore class Treasurer this year, junior class Vice President-elect Brooke Palma knows that she can dedicate the time and energy to this position. She is prepared for the hard work that goes into beating the other classes during homecoming week, and she hopes to bond the class of 2022. 

   While campaigning, Palma declared she would conduct fundraisers for class events, including prom and senior night. With her clever slogan, “Vote BP for VP,” Palma emphasized the importance of creating fun class activities while keeping future events, such as senior activities, in mind. 

   “I am dedicated to Leadership, and I am willing to put in the work,” Palma said. 

 Katherine Montoya: Junior Class Treasurer

   Next year’s junior class Treasurer Katerine Montoya wants to improve the class of 2022 and create an inclusive environment. 

   Montoya plans to bring new ideas to the table and improve class activities. She will also work towards uniting her class, which she believes will improve the social environment.

   “I think that I will help bring new ideas, and one of my main goals for next year is to help unify our class,” Montoya said.

Olivia Dirito-Morgan: Junior Class Secretary  

   Olivia Dirito-Morgan looks forward to leading her fellow juniors through the 2020-2021 school year as the junior class Secretary. As Secretary, Dirito-Morgan wants to make the next school year the best with class victories in various school events.  

   “I want to be given the opportunity to help plan prom, homecoming, and future class bonding events,” Dirito-Morgan said. 

   Dirito-Morgan believes she has creative ideas that can improve class bonding with events and activities. While representing the class of 2022, she wants to have an amazing homecoming and sees it as a way to bring the class closer together.

   “I have new ideas for the board that will help future events and bond our class. I will do everything I can to help make next year great,” Dirito-Morgan said.

Class of 2021 Class Officers: 

Leda Abkenari: Senior Class President 

   Leda Abkenari, the elected senior class President for the 2020-2021 school year, promises her fellow Dons that she will better the campus and make everyone feel accepted and welcome. With her snappy slogan, “Follow the Leda,” her campaign leads with the idea of improving inclusivity and creating a better environment for students who feel misrepresented. 

   “I want to lead the class of 2021 to an unforgettable senior year of memories but to acceptance and unity as well,” Abkenari said.

   To Abkenari, Acalanes is a great school, but she believes she could improve the social environment in her class to make sure everyone feels like they belong.

Bella Gladden: Senior Class Vice President

  Students elected Bella Gladden as the senior class Vice President. Although Gladden originally ran for the senior class president, she plans to have the best senior year possible for her class. Gladden looks forward to building strong relationships with her fellow seniors.

   In her campaign, Gladden stressed the importance of making senior activities memorable, such as homecoming and the Senior Picnic.

   Using her experience as the previous Board Head for Leadership’s Rally Board, Gladden will continue to dedicate time to Leadership and represent her fellow peers in the graduating class of 2021 as Vice President.

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