The Azure: Computer Programming

AJ Hesby: Discord

My programming project for LPIE was a bot for the voice conferencing application “Discord.” The bot interfaced with the text chat through user commands (e.g. “$play [chosen_song]”). It used Google’s Youtube API to search for videos and to play an audio stream over a voice channel so that all human users in a chat room could hear the music simultaneously. The bot also allowed users to save songs to playlists for later playback—(the URLs were saved in a text file locally to my computer). My main goal in creating the bot was to become more familiar with javascript as well as API functionality. Although other music bots like the one I created already existed, the possibility of saving a predetermined playlist (and shuffling songs within it) was not available, so my bot filled that void.

Hesby’s piece received second place in Project LPIE’s Computer Programming category.

Harris Kamran: Schedules

This piece received third place in Project LPIE’s Computer Programming category.

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