Acalanes Senior Class Featured on ABC7 News

By Sabrina Agazzi, Copy Editor

// Amongst the COVID-19 updates, White House briefings, and political disputes that currently encompass the world of news, many Acalanes High School seniors found themselves in a news broadcast dedicated to the Class of 2020. 

   The local American Broadcasting Company (ABC7) featured photographs of several Acalanes seniors on Tuesday, May 12, as a part of a special broadcast project called #GradsOn7.

   ABC7 first introduced the project on its website in early May when they asked students, parents, and teachers to submit photos of the class of 2020. Their goal is to feature as many seniors around the Bay Area as possible in the upcoming weeks.

   “We want to recognize the Class of 2020 who may be missing out on prom or graduation or other end-of-year special events due to the COVID-19 emergency,” ABC7 said in an article asking for senior photos.

   The broadcast included a quick slideshow consisting of group photos of sports teams, clubs, rallies, and profiles on several individual students.

   A few profiled students did not expect ABC7 to spotlight them on the broadcast. 

   “[The television] broadcasting was definitely a surprise. I had a 30-second segment about me, which was pretty cool,” ABC7 featured senior Makaela Valerio said.

   Overall, many seniors found the broadcast to be a sufficient way to commemorate their accomplishments.

   “I think that the broadcast was a really nice way to acknowledge the hard work of our class, and it was cool to see photos from our entire high school experience because I was able to reflect on memories I have from these past four years,” senior Sierra Harley said. 

   Although the senior class is discouraged because of the pandemic, Senior Class President Riley Nicosia expressed her appreciation for ABC7’s willingness to take up this project.

   “Nothing makes a senior feel completely better or cured of the disappointment in this time, but it definitely was a great gesture that they reached out to us and made this possible,” Nicosia said.

Watch the broadcast below!

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  1. Thank you for including a video of the broadcast! I missed it when it appeared on the news. It was so great to see so many seniors having a great time! My best to all of them.

    Ms. Moch

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