SAGE Benefit Concert Goes Digital

By Shrida Pandey, Online News Editor

// With COVID-19 limiting in-person activities, students and administration turn to online outlets to reach out to the Acalanes High School community. This year, an annual Acalanes event transitioned from the Performing Arts Center to the internet to promote worldwide education. 

  The Students for the Advancement of Global Education (SAGE) Club hosted a benefit concert on YouTube at 8:15 p.m. last Thursday, May 28, with the help of student performers who sang, played instruments, and showcased creative artwork.

   Every year, the club partners with Trust in Education, a nonprofit that helps provide economic and educational assistance towards Afghan families. The club then hosts fundraisers throughout the school year to raise money for the cause. 

   Although the club could not raise money from the benefit concert this year due to COVID-19, SAGE Club Presidents Anubhav Dawadi and Nate Sherman hosted the concert alongside junior Emilia Gutman.

Watch the recap below!

Click here to watch the full video!

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