NFL Team Changes Controversial Name

By Miller Smith, Staff Writer

Disclaimer: Blueprint is using the term “Redskin” to refer to the team’s name for accuracy. 

// After decades of protests, countless emails from the public, and criticism from big organizations, including Nike, FedEx, and Pepsi, one of the most controversial team names in the National Football League (NFL) is going to change. 

   One of the most historic franchises in the NFL, the Washington Redskins, declared on July 13 that they would officially change their outdated name and logo that are derogatory misrepresentations of Native Americans.

   Nike, for now, has removed all Redskin apparel from their website. Other sponsors of the organization, such as Pepsi and FedEx, stated they would also pull out if the team didn’t change their name. 

   Many Acalanes High School students are supportive of the team’s decision to change its name. 

  “It’s a great time for the name to be changed with all that is going on right now in the world. It is bringing attention to racial inequality in the sports world,” rising sophomore Nathan Kim said.

   However, some students have mixed feelings about the decision. 

“I feel as though it is the correct thing to do, especially during these times when we are striving towards a more correct society, but at the same time, it represents the past and minimally contributes to the bigger movement taking place,” rising junior Anthony Ortale said.

   For now, the team will still be known as the Redskins, and the official website of the team will remain until Redskins team owner Dan Snyder and coach Ron Riveria decide on a new name.  

   The team has received many possible options for the organization’s new name, and many fans hope that the team will choose one that honors the history of Washington while showing the values that the organization hopes to strive for.

   “When making a new name for the Redskins they should think about honoring Native Americans and other races instead of insulting them,” rising sophomore Andrew Habas said.

   Although the team has yet to find a new name, the movement to change the name is important for some.

    “We’re a country, America, that is evolving… It’s not a good decision just for Native People; it’s a good decision for the country,” representative of Oneida Nation, a Native American tribe in Wisconsin, Ray Halbritter said in a Washington Post interview.

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