Acalanes Holds Socially Distanced Dons Days

By Keith Johnson, Head Videographer

// At the beginning of every school year, Acalanes High School holds Dons Day, where students can go to school to get their class schedules, learn about clubs and fundraisers, and get ready for the upcoming year. However, restrictions due to COVID-19 forced Acalanes to come up with an alternative to the event.

   Acalanes students participated in socially distanced versions of Dons Day at school from Aug. 5 to Aug. 7. The administration divided students into groups based on their last names and grades and gave each group an hour window to come to campus.

   This year, students received an updated student ID card, class texts, and Acalanes merchandise. The administration also restricted where students could go during the day. 

   “It was just in and out. [Studio 4] took my picture, they printed my ID, [I] took my books, and got out of there. They had a good system for the most part, so it was fine,” junior Brahm Sasner said.

   One of the most significant changes from previous years was students not being able to interact with many of their classmates. While seeing friends is not the primary purpose of Dons Day, the event typically allows students to reconnect with their friends and classmates at the end of the summer.

   “I miss being able to see my friends at Dons Day for the first time since school and getting your schedule and being able to share it with all your friends,” junior Paige Towery said.

   In addition to dividing students into separate groups, Acalanes provided hand sanitizer, glass dividers to protect student and parent volunteers, and signs to remind students of social distancing protocols. 

   Despite the precautions that the school took to promote the safety of students and volunteers, some students were still nervous about attending. 

   “I was apprehensive to go to Dons Day, but I thought that everyone was very good about social distancing,” junior Riley Daggs said.

   Overall, many students thought the administration provided an excellent alternative amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

   “The way they did [the event] with what they’re working with, the mass pandemic, they did a pretty good job. While it’s like ‘not a lot of people were there, that sucks,’ in a way that’s kind of what you want right now,” Sasner said.

For footage of the event and extended interviews, watch the video below.

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