Acalanes High School Student Helps Improve Campus

By Zach Snyder and Brendan Connelly, Staff Writers

// The transition from a boy scout to an Eagle Scout requires hard work, dedication, and leadership. One Acalanes High School junior recently completed the process after revamping portions of the Acalanes campus.

   Junior Rhett Skvarna demonstrated his aptitude and worthiness to be an Eagle Scout last week by refurbishing benches on campus with the help of his friends and family.  

   To achieve his goal, he coordinated, planned, and executed the project alongside various members of the Acalanes staff. 

    “One of the main things that we did was communicating this with [Associate Principal Andrea Powers] and also with [Randy] Takahashi. We needed classes for electrical supply, and if I had any questions, I could go to him and he would be there,” Skvarna said. 

   In addition to working with teachers, Skvarna recruited several other students to help him with the project. With the assistance of ten other juniors, he sanded and painted all of the benches in the 100, 200, and 300 wings. 

   “I had a great group of guys that went in on [Sept. 4], knocked out the replacement of benches, the sanding, all that stuff. We were able to paint on [Sept. 5], and we got a couple coats of paint down and it all worked out,” Skvarna said. 

   Overall, Skvarna wanted to contribute to the community during distance learning so students could return to an improved campus.  

   “My main goal of this project was to better the social life on campus,” Skvarna said. “When school returns, kids will have a nice place to sit for lunch, do homework, or just wait around for friends.”

2 Replies to “Acalanes High School Student Helps Improve Campus”

  1. Well done, Rhett! Congratulations on an excellent job and your Eagle Scout status.
    I have fond memories of sitting on those benches (well, earlier versions of them) with my friends way too many years ago to count.

  2. Proud mama here! Way to go Rhett. Thank you Zach and Brendan! Looking fw to seeing everyone sitting on those benches.

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