Crossing Guard Dies in Fatal Collision Outside Stanley Middle School

By Brendan Connelly, Online News Editor

// Volunteer Stanley Middle School crossing guard Ashley Dias, 45, was killed in an automobile accident on Sept. 8 on School Street outside Stanley Middle School. Shortly after the school day ended, an SUV struck Dias as he was guiding students across the crosswalk. 

   Dias saw the oncoming car and pushed two students out of the way before being pulled beneath the car, resulting in fatal injuries. One student obtained minor injuries, but no students were severely injured. 

   Within minutes, the Lafayette Police Department and other first responders arrived and asked students to leave the area. Shortly thereafter, the police notified the community of a long road closure on School Street. 

   The driver of the SUV stayed at the scene and cooperated with law enforcement once they arrived. 

   The following day, Lafayette Police handled crossing guard duty. Additionally, many classes at Stanley prioritized students’ mental health, encouraging them to seek support from counselors if needed. 

   Dias was a clinical research associate at a biotechnology firm. He was also a Stanley Middle School and Acalanes High School alumnus. He volunteered as a crossing guard to help the community in his spare time.

The Lafayette community has set up a memorial on School Street to give thanks for Dias’ actions.

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