Acalanes Football Beats Castlemont in Homecoming Game

By Tom Bequette, Online Sports Editor

   The Acalanes High School varsity football team defeated Castlemont High School 56-18 in the homecoming game on Oct. 1 in front of a packed crowd.

  Acalanes started strong with quarterback and senior Luke Souza firing a pass to wide receiver and senior Dante Montgomery for a 45-yard touchdown on the fourth play of the game. The defense then held Castlemont into a 3 and out, and after an attempted muffed punt, Souza threw a dime to wide receiver and senior Will Berrien in the end zone. A successful two-point conversion brought Acalanes’ lead to 14-0 only four minutes into the game.

   The Acalanes defense came up big on the ensuing drive with a turnover on downs, giving the offense great field position. Malmquist then scored a 50-yard touchdown two plays later.

   Acalanes kept the pressure on Castlemont, and by half-time, the lead had been stretched out to a 42-6 advantage.

By Graham Klingler

   During half-time, the Acalanes cheer team performed, the homecoming week winner was announced, and students tossed white powder in the stands as part of a homecoming tradition.

   “Even though I didn’t participate, it was super cool seeing everyone look so excited. It was also funny seeing people get totally covered by powder. Everyone just looked like they were having a good time, and that was really nice to see,” varsity cheerleader and junior Ava Freeman said. 

   In the second half, Acalanes’ continued to dominate the game. Their defense forced multiple turnovers and only gave up 12 points to Castlemont.  

   Many football players credit their teamwork for their win.

   “The entire team really came together to win, and we all did our assignments correctly,” outside linebacker and senior Michael Kuhner said. 

   Because this was the first homecoming game since 2019, many students and parents attended and cheered the team on.

   “There was a lot of excitement and everyone seemed to be in a good mood. I think people were also super excited because it was the first big homecoming game in a while,” Freeman said.

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