Acalanes Celebrates Latine Heritage Month

By Shrida Pandey, Arlyne Noguera, and Nastia Grits, Head Online Section Editor, Online Graphics Manager, and Photographer

// For the first time, Acalanes High School held a school wide celebration of Latine Heritage Month. The month consisted of activities and events showcasing Latine culture and history. Here is a recap of the events from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15.

To kick off the celebration of Latine heritage, the Acalanes Diversity Board hosted a Kahoot at lunch in room 314. The Kahoot consisted of different Latine history facts, and students learned more about Latine cultures and countries. 

Sept. 20: Latinos Beyond Reel

The Diversity Board hosted a movie night in the library to showcase “Latinos Beyond Reel”, a documentary that spotlighted Latine stereotypes and the way the media portrays Latine people. Both students and staff watched the movie. After, students participated in a discussion about the hardships Latine people face in the media.

Sept. 22: Staff/Student Quiz Bowl 

Acalanes students and staff participated in a staff and student quiz bowl on Sept. 22 at lunch in room 314. Students played against staff to test their knowledge on Latine history, people, and events. Although the game was close, staff members won by a slim margin.

The Latinos Unidos club and the Diversity Board partnered up to organize an equity council about colorism in the media. Members of the Latinos Unidos club led the conversation, with students and staff discussing issues pertaining to the Latine community. Participants also discussed the origins of the Acalanes mascot, the Don, and the issues surrounding it. 

Sept. 27: Latine Door Decorating

During homecoming week, students participated in teacher door decorating. The doors highlighted Latine people, culture, and countries. Acalanes Spanish teachers judged the doors, and the winning doors won their classes homecoming points. Seniors, juniors, and freshmen tied for first place, with sophomores getting fourth. 

Students had the chance to learn more about Latine history through a scavenger hunt during the week of Oct. 4. Students scanned QR codes placed around the school and answered some questions about Latine figures to win a prize. 

Oct. 6: Potluck

 The Acalanes Diversity Board hosted a potluck with Latine dishes on Oct. 6 from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Community members signed up to bring different items and food to help celebrate Latine culture. At the event, students, parents, and teachers ate food while listening to different speakers recite poems from their favorite Latine poets. 

Oct. 14: Guest Speaker Alberto Ledesma

Assistant Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at U.C. Berkeley Alberto Ledesma talked with students over Zoom at lunch about his experience as a Latine man in America as well as his work at U.C. Berkeley with undocumented students. Ledesma told students about his own family and their journey in America.

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