Leadership’s Community Outreach Board Organizes PB&J Day for the Homeless

By Kylie Choi, Staff Writer

// Acalanes High School students gathered to make over 300 lunch bags containing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, oranges, granola bars, and water on Nov. 5 before handing them out to homeless people in San Francisco on Nov. 6 for PB&J Day. 

   Money raised from Associated Student Body (ASB) card purchases paid for the supplies needed to make the lunch bags.

   “[The funds] all come from that fund that people purchase ASB cards, which I think is such a great use of the fund, and really, this is an Acalanes event even though not everyone was able to make it,” Leadership and Ethnic Studies teacher Katherine Walton said.

   After putting the bags together in room 314, the attendees distributed them around the Civic Center BART station. 

   “I think it was really successful. We passed out the meals in under 30 minutes, which was really surprising. The community was really grateful, really appreciative, and it went really well,” junior Tess Gundacker said.

By Arlyne Noguera

   Many students enjoyed participating in PB&J Day because it gave them an opportunity to support homeless people. 

   “It’s a really great way to help out those in need, and it’s really fun to be able to put together the lunches and simultaneously build community,” Community Outreach Board member and junior Lily Hanzel said. “It makes me a lot more grateful for what I have and makes me really realize my privilege… It makes me feel really good that I’ve made a positive impact in their life.” 

   This experience also inspired many attendees to continue helping others outside of a school setting. 

   “I think it shows students who come that you can do this on your own whether it’s food or toiletries, or you don’t necessarily have to partner with an organization, but you and your family or you and your friend group with an adult could just make it happen,” Walton said.

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