Letter from the Editor: Community Feedback Invited

// Students placed QR codes linked to a student-created publication entitled The Fine Print across the Acalanes High School campus on the morning of Feb. 4. The publication features articles allegedly misquoting students and teachers. It also displays photos of students as well as students’ personal information. Multiple witnesses observed students placing these QR codes around campus. When scanned at approximately 2 p.m. this afternoon, the QR codes were no longer active. 

    As a reminder to the readers of Blueprint, if members of our community wish to provide feedback on our paper, there are ways for them to do so that allow us to engage in dialogue. Readers may write letters to the editor, submit a feedback form on our website at acalanesblueprint.com, or reach out to our editorial staff directly. 

   We would like to take this opportunity to reaffirm that our mission as a paper is to report the truth through the practices of ethics-based journalism. We aim to elevate the voices of students on our campus and in our community. We seek to provide information about the events ongoing in our community to help readers draw their own conclusions.


The Blueprint Staff

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