Project LPIE 2022 Winners Announced

By Juliet Becker, Online Editor-in-Chief

// Each year, Acalanes students have the opportunity to submit a variety of art, writing, and science projects to Lafayette Partners in Education (LPIE) for a chance to win awards and receive recognition for their work. 

   LPIE announced the winners of Project LPIE in an awards ceremony on Tuesday in honor of students’ accomplishments in the following categories: 2D Visual Art, 3D Fine Art/Applied Design, Acting, Creative Writing, Digital Design, Editorial Writing, Entrepreneur, Instrumental, Music, Journalism, Photography, Science/Engineering, Video Production, and Vocal Music.

The winners are as follows:

  • Acting
    • First Place, Ella Dunderdale
    • Second Place, Natalie Costales
  • Creative Writing
    • First Place, Robin Parmalee
    • Second Place, Ariel Sheter
    • Honorable Mention (HM), Analese Ruczynski
  • Digital Design
    • First Place, Natalie Marsh
    • Second Place, Natalie Stadt
    • HM, Mikael Eloyan
    • HM, Tessa Chan
  • Editorial Writing
    • First Place, Lulu Levy
    • Second Place, Hanniel Dunn
  • Entrepreneurship
    • First Place, Adelina Zheng
    • Second Place, Colin Norstad
    • HM, Miles Blackhart/Isaac Rajguru
    • HM, Zubin Acuña
  • Instrumental
    • First Place, Andrew Zheng
    • Second Place, Daichi Nannen
    • HM, Luke Brightbill
    • HM, Adelina Zheng
  • Journalism
    • First Place, Erin Hambidge/Melina Nath/Jacqueline Kuhner
    • Second Place, Keith Johnson/Alex Ariker
  • Photography
    • First Place, Sophie Bride
    • Second Place, Jacques Benazra
    • HM, Nicole Parlett
  • Science/Engineering
    • First Place, Lucas Hom
    • Second Place, Dongjoo Ahn
  • Video Production
    • First Place, Lawson Hollar/William Dao
    • Second Place, Livia Davis/Elise Fox/Haadeh Sanchez/Skye Stretti
  • Vocal
    • First Place, Sophie Foster
    • Second Place, Jakob Anderson
    • HM, Natalie Costales
  • 2D Art
    • First Place, Matthew Koo
    • Second Place, Tessa Chan
    • HM, Addison Martin
    • HM, Amelia Gong
    • HM, Lana Jackson
  • 3D Art
    • First Place, Ava Lorenz
    • Second Place, Tessa Chan
    • HM, Calista Sears
    • HM, Kenny Zhou

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