Student Jobs: Balancing Summer Fun With Work

By Jack Gebhardt, Staff Writer

// Staying busy during summer break can look like many different things for high school students, whether it be traveling, training for sports, taking summer classes, or just relaxing. In contrast, other high school students choose to spend their time working.

   Many Acalanes students find themselves occupying jobs this summer for various reasons without time-consuming school hours taking up their days.

   Senior Alyssa Fong works the front desk at Oakwood Athletic Club in Lafayette where she checks in members, assists them with their purchases, and books appointments for the spa or any of the classes that they offer.

   “I’m scheduled for four openings a week but then I usually pick up a couple along the way so realistically I probably work five openings a week,” Fong said. “I just started working at Oakwood during the summer so I haven’t had too much of an issue juggling time…Luckily I work mornings and I have [cheer] practices at night so there’s never really overlaps with that.”

   Many students feel that they learn practical and useful skills from their job that they can use in the future. 

   “I feel like I already had pretty good interpersonal skills but I think now I’ve gotten better at how to deal with things in a more, not professional, but mature manner. I think at Oakwood the age demographic is a little bit older so I’ve learned how to refrain from using slang and just kind of a little more professional,” Fong said.    

   Having a summer job and earning money also teaches some high school students about financial responsibility and money management.

   “I like [having a job] because it’s extra money that [I] get to spend on anything [I] like. I try to save a lot definitely and then I just spend some things like when I’m with my friends on food or whenever I want to buy something for myself I use that money,” Elmwood Stationary worker and senior Marcela Wisniewska said.

   Students agree that having a job as a high school student is an effective way to practice saving money for the future. However, some students appreciate their jobs simply because they are passionate about what they do.

   “I really like to play golf. So it’s nice to be out on the golf course and it is nice to be outside and it is also nice to share my passion of playing golf with younger kids,” Moraga Country Club Golf Clinic Trainer and senior Jackson Voogt said.

   Overall, having a summer job in high school is educational and gives students the opportunity to experience the workplace.

   “I think [having a summer job] teaches you a lot. It’s good to get some job experience. While I was applying I actually learned a lot…about [business] things that I didn’t know,” Fong said. “I think it’s just a good experience, a good way to build some responsibility as well, it’s also fun to meet new people and build a connection with a lot of people who you see.”

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