The Show Must Go On

By Aya O’Neal and Maddyx Bride, Staff Writers

// Stage manager N Embeleton stepped in to play the part of Ken Gorman in Acalanes’ fall play, Rumors, on October 27. 

   The play had a strong start with its first show the night prior. 

   “Opening night was great. We had a really full house, with a lot of great people. Lots of great energy,” drama teacher and director Ed Meehan said. 

   However, during the second show, one of the lead actors became sick during the intermission, and was forced to skip the rest of the show. 

   “We had a situation last night where one of our actors got sick during the performance, and we had our stage manager N Embleton go on, take the script and put on a tie. Came in and did the second act of the show in his place so that we could finish the show,” Meehan said. 

   Luckily, due to Embleton’s role as a stage manager, he knew all of the blocking. Furthermore, his background in theater helped him to play the character. 

   “I have done theater since I was in third grade. This was actually going to be my first time as stage crew but fate decided N Embleton remains onstage for all time,” Embleton said. 

   The last minute change was possible not only by Embleton stepping in, but the support of the whole cast and crew. 

    “The rest of those incredible actors are the reason I could hold it together onstage. They took care of me in ways I was so afraid they wouldn’t be able to,” Embleton said. “They had a lot to adapt to and cope with, but they came together and made sure I would know what was up and not flounder. I have them to thank for all of it.”

    In some ways, the last minute change helped bring the entire cast and crew together.

   “Everybody stepped up. The whole cast had to come together because we’re a whole team, and they figured it out. Everybody from the cast to the backstage crew to costumes, to the student producers, they all stepped up to make it happen,” Meehan said.

   In addition to the cast, the whole team worked together to make sure that the show would go on. Everyone from the stage managers, to the costume director made sure the change went as smoothly as possible. 

   “I know my way around the costume room so I just knew what we needed, I just grabbed what I thought would fit him and I threw it on him, and he got out there,” costume director and sophomore Gianna Feuerstien said. 

   Similar to the cast and crew, the audience was supportive of the change, given the circumstances.  

   “They were so supportive. I’m honestly shocked by it. They were amazing and I’m so grateful they understood the circumstances,” Embleton said. 

Graphic by Gabi Gruber, Online Editor-in-Chief

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