The Votes Are In: Acalanes’ Midterm Election Simulation

By Maddyx Bride, Staff Writer

// Volunteers counted and recorded ballot after ballot after ballot. However, the votes were not from U.S. citizens 18 and older, but from Acalanes’ own students. 

   Acalanes students engaged in an election simulation on Nov. 8 to practice the experience of voting.  

   In the election simulation, students voted on a ballot that included six state propositions, the California governor, US senator, and Superintendent of Public Instruction. They also voted on the District 10 representative for the U.S. congress, State Assembly Person for District 16, Contra Costa County Clerk-Recorder, Acalanes Union High School District (AUHSD) board members and the Lafayette School District board members. 

   Proposition One:

   The first proposition, Proposition one, amends the California Constitution to expressly include an individual’s fundamental right to reproductive freedom. This includes the fundamental right to choose to have an abortion and the fundamental right to choose or refuse contraceptives.This proposition passed in a vote of 381 to 24. 

   Proposition 26:

   The second proposition, Proposition 26, regards the allowance of in-person roulette, dice games, and sports wagering on tribal lands. This proposition passed in a vote of 237 to 163. 

   Proposition 27:

   The third proposition, Proposition 27, allows Indian tribes and affiliated businesses to operate online/mobile sports wagering outside tribal lands. This proposition failed in a vote of 239 to 161. 

   Proposition 28:  

   Proposition 28 provides additional funding from the state General Fund for arts and music education in all K-12 public schools. This proposition passed in a vote of 336 to 0. 

   Proposition 30:

   Proposition 30 provides funding for programs to reduce air pollution and prevent wildfires by increasing tax on personal income over $2 million.

   The proposition passed in a vote of 242 to 155. 

   Proposition 31:

   Proposition 31 votes to approve or reject a 2020 law prohibiting retail sale of certain flavored tobacco products. 

   Voters approved the law in a vote of 300 to 103. 

   Elected Officials and Representatives:

   In addition, voters elected officials and representatives. 

      California Governor:

   Brian Dahle (Republican) and Gavin Newsom (Democrat) both ran for California Governor. Newsom won in a vote of 332 to 68. 

      California Senator:

  The candidates for the California senator in the U.S. senate were Mark P. Meuser (Republican) and Alex Padilla (Democrat). Padilla won in a vote of 352 to 43. 

      Superintendent of Public Instruction:

   Voters also voted on a Superintendent of Public Instruction. Lance Ray Christensen and Tony K Thurmond both ran with Thurmond winning in a vote of 261 to 98. 

      House of Representatives:

   Voters also elected a representative to represent District 10, which includes Lafayette, in the House of Representatives. Mark DeSaulnier (Democrat) and Michael Ernest Kerr (Green) both ran. DeSaulnier won in a vote of 324 to 64. 

      State Assembly:

   Also on the ballot were the candidates for the State Assembly Member from District 16, which includes Lafayette. Rebecca Bauer-Kahan (Democrat) and Joseph A. Rubay (Republican) both ran. Kahan won in a vote of 312 to 64. 

      Contra Costa County Clerk-Recorder:

   The Candidates for Contra Costa County Clerk-Recorder were also on the ballot. 

   Candidates Kristen Braun Connelly and Vicki Gordon both ran. Connelly won in a vote of 209 to 151. 

   AUHSD School District school board members:

   Students also voted on the AUHSD board member candidates. Out of the seven candidates: Jennifer Chen, Nancy Kendzierski, Renee Nowac, Mark Woolway, Clayton Gardner, Gabe Ledeen, and Christopher Severson, only three seats were available. Chen, Kendzierski, and Severson won with 302, 237, 221 votes, respectively. 

   Lafayette School district school board members:

   Finally, the last matter on the mock ballot were the candidates for the Lafayette School District. Between six candidates: Katy Foreman, Neils Larsen, Sarah Lind, Robb McSorley, Dave Smith, and Rob Sturm there were three open seats. Foreman, Smith and Sturm won the race with 278, 239, and 226 votes, respectively.

Graphic by Gabi Gruber, Online Editor-in-Chief

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