Senior Friendsgiving 2022

By Maddyx Bride and Zoe Stafford, Staff Writers

// Acalanes seniors gathered on the Senior Deck to celebrate the annual Senior Friendsgiving celebration on Nov. 18. 

   The event is made possible by Acalanes parents, who donate the food which makes up the majority of the meal. 

   “Senior friendsgiving is a big potluck where parents sign up to bring all Thanksgiving foods for all of the seniors to enjoy together at lunch,” Senior Class Treasurer Portia Seymour said.  

   The event serves as an opportunity for parents to get involved within the community annually. 

   “[Senior Friendsgiving is] a wonderful way to give back my time, and provide the food and just support the opportunity for the students to have a wonderful and enriching time together,” parent  volunteer Gina Hageboeck said.

   Many students enjoyed not only celebrating Thanksgiving on campus, but the social aspect of it as well. 

   “Senior friendsgiving is a time for all the seniors to come together and enjoy the food and hang out for Thanksgiving,” senior Dylan Olson said.

   For all, the celebration  provides an opportunity for seniors to slow down their daily lives and spend time with one another.

   “I think it’s the most beautiful thanksgiving. The students just sit here with each other and they’re laughing together, it’s wonderful,” parent volunteer Daniele Upp said. 

   Many students enjoyed seeing their entire grade come together at lunch, as this is something that does not occur often.

   “It gets a lot of people to lunch considering there’s not always a lot of people here. This is the most packed it’s ever been. It brings the whole grade together which is really fun, it doesn’t happen often,” senior Mackenzie Campbell said.

   Both students and parents found the event to be a positive experience, and hope that the tradition continues in the future.

   “I’m just grateful for Acalanes school and all the time and attention they put towards providing these kinds of opportunities to really share and enjoy time that’s not necessarily just academics,” Hageboeck said.

Photos by Maddyx Bride and Zoe Stafford, Staff Writers

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