LA MODE: Winter Outfit Ideas

This is a continuation of the fashion column in Issue four, Volume 83 of the print magazine.

A collection of student outfits to take inspiration from this season.

By Jemma Teran and Violet Hemmingsen-Smith | Online Arts Section Editor and Staff Writer

   Even as the temperature drops by 30 degrees and the sky turns from a baby blue to a hazy gray, students don’t have to resign to a winter of fashion discontent. It’s time to trade in most of their summer clothes for the essential cold winter pieces; outer-wear, sweaters, thermals, stockings and hats. 

   Any fashion-lover lost wondering how they can bundle up and remain stylish, need only to refer to the winter outfit guide below. Students display a series of everyday outfits that will spark fashion inspiration whether you are preppy, edgy, or thrifty. Stay warm and stay stylish this season! 

Ava Lorenz

Senior Ava Lorenz’s style is always changing but during this winter season. She is drawn towards pieces that keep her warm as well as stylish.
“Recently I feel like it’s been very cozy. I’ve been trying to incorporate a lot of neutral colors, specifically brown.
Lorenz mostly looks to city streetwear for style inspiration.
“I take a lot of inspiration from what I picture myself wearing in college or in a big city,” senior Ava Lorez said.
Her cropped knit sweater and long denim skirt ensemble is perfect for a warmer winter day.

Cole Gwaltney

   Sophomore Cole Gwaltney describes his style as a combination of thrifted streetwear and skate-wear, taking inspiration from style magazines.

   “I would say it is vry vintage inspired. I get a lot of inspiration from streetwear and magazines. Mostly streetwear and skateboard magazines,” Gwaltney said. 

   He styles an eccentric patterned vest full of bright hues of oranges and reds with a classic pair of loose jeans and Birken-stocks. A perfect outfit for the person wanting comfort and style. Meanwhile, the fuzzy material adds texture to the look while providing warmth. 

Skylar Thomas

   Senior Skylar Thomas’s style is a unique combination of spooky elements and eclectic textures. She typically sticks to a color palette of the earth-tones brown, green and cream. 

   “I would describe my stye as eclectic, resourceful and a little spooky…I wear a lot of green. I like earth tones a lot,” Thomas said. 

   To achieve her aesthetic, she matches an eccentric patterned green skirt with a green sweater layered over a collared shirt. Adding more texture, she layers it with a long lace cardigan. Lastly, she accessorizes with statement brown and silver necklaces. 

Trevor Mccarthy

   Sophomore Trevor Mccarthy is typically wearing thrifted pieces that contribute to his street-wear, work-wear and cyber y2k aesthetic. He styled a white t-shirt and jeans with a over-sized thrifted Lowe’s jacket. 

Shawn Aslam

Shawn Aslam layers thrifted pieces to achieve a warm streetstyle ensemble, tying it all together with a white sneaker with green details. Finally, he accents the look with silver jewelry. Perfect for the person looking to layer their favorite thrifted jackets.

Jemma Teran

   Finding inspiration from preppy chic and streetwear fashion, Jemma Teran pairs a pleated mustard yellow mini skirt with a thick houndstooth long-sleeve. Complete with an oversized leather shacket and platform Doc-martens to balance preppy patterns with edgier leather textures.

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